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Jimmy Savile of the Armenian Raphael dynasty?

 Lady Alethea Savile 

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Tragic Death of 8th Earl of Mexborough’s daughter in 1994

Westminster coroner Dr Paul Knapman says Lady Alethea Savile died of a drug overdose

Reportedly, Lady Savile was ‘mixed up with people from Barnes in southwest London, where another famous Savile — Jimmy The Fixer — was friends with Haroon Kasir, owner of the Elm Guest House de facto child brothel at the centre of a national VIP paedophile network’

“Lady Alethea Savile, 31, a freelance journalist, was once engaged to Mr James Gilbey, but their relationship foundered in 1992 at about the time he was involved in the controversy over recordings of telephone conversations with the Princess of Wales.

“Forensic scientists told the court Lady Alethea's blood contained a mixture of heroin, cocaine, and an overdose of a drug she took for depression …

“[Westminster coroner DR PAUL KNAPMAN] ruled that the cause of death was a combined drug overdose, and that she took her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed.”


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Jimmy Savile of the Jewish Armenian Raphael dynasty?

Roundhay and nearby Chapeltown comprise the heart of the Jewish community in Leeds: the Chapeltown neighbourhood at one time boasting an incredible 14 synagogues.

On the west side of Chapeltown Road, the streets were built between circa 1893 and 1908 on the land of the Earls of Mexborough whose family name is Savile.

Today, Leeds residents refer to this modern innercity neighbourhood built on the land of the Earls of Mexborough either as the Mexborough estate and/or as the Savile estate.


John RAPHAEL Wentworth Savile, 7th Earl of Mexborough, was born in 1906 and died in 1980, aged 73. He fought in the Second World War and gained the rank of Captain in the INTELLIGENCE CORPS. of the British Army.

The 7th Earl of Mexborough’s paternal grandmother was Agnes Louisa Elizabeth Savile nee Raphael (d. 1898). 

She in turn was the granddaughter of an Armenian immigrant to Britain named Edward Raphael (1744-1791).

Contemporary newspapers referred to the Raphaels as JEWISH converts to Catholicism… but the Raphaels themselves have always denied this, according to a historian.

Nevertheless, whether coincidentally or not, the Mexborough/Savile neighbourhood of Leeds quickly came to be the heart of Leeds’ Jewish community along with nearby Roundhay.

On a street in this part of Leeds called Savile Mount, at number 21, the city’s FIRST Jewish community centre was built between 1934 and 1936. It was called Leeds Jewish Institute and Jubilee Hall.

Jimmy Savile lived just 3.5 miles from here in the penthouse at Lake View Court in Roundhay Park.

As is well known, Jimmy Savile thought it was a great lark to call his mother ‘the Duchess’.

Clearly, Jimmy Savile believed his father Vincent to have been an unacknowledged / illegitimate relation of the aristocratic Savile family — the Earls of Mexborough — on whose original land the streets of his neighbourhood were built.

Jimmy’s father Vincent Joseph Marie Savile was supposedly born in 1886.

Meanwhile, the 7th Earl of Mexborough’s paternal grandmother, Agnes Louisa Elizabeth Savile nee Raphael (aka the Countess of Mexborough), gave birth to daughters Lady Mary and Lady Anne in 1862 and 1864. She then gave birth to sons John (6th Earl of Mexborough) and George in 1868 and 1871.

If Jimmy Savile’s father was born illegitimately to either Mary, Anne, or a ‘lower class’ woman (perhaps a sex worker?) with whom John or George slept, then Vincent Savile, his wife ‘the Duchess’, and their son, Jimmy Savile, were kin of the aristocratic Saviles — the Earls and Countesses of Mexborough.

AND, furthermore, kin to the ‘Jewish’ Raphael dynasty originally from Armenia.

Could Jimmy Savile’s being a ‘secret Jewish member of the Raphael dynasty’ help to explain the disc jockey’s devotion to the Jewish community in Leeds and beyond?

And, secondly, did John RAPHAEL Wentworth Savile — the 7th Earl of Mexborough and a Captain in the Intelligence Corps of the British Army — confide the family’s alleged ‘Jewish secret’ to his relative Jimmy Savile ?

… as well as secrets of the Raphael-Savile family’s work for British intelligence in protecting the Jews from Nazism and laying the groundwork for the new postwar Israeli state?.





American Secret Service

Savile’s charity (JSSMHT) co-trustees :

1. Lady Greenbury, Jimmy Savile’s charity co director; the mother of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s business partner. Sat on the board of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch)

2. Luke Lucas, Jimmy Savile’s 2nd charity co director. Boss of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch) and on the board. Mind controlled?

3. Dr. Roger Bodley, Jimmy Savile’s 3rd charity co director. Was Bodley deceived or was he fully conscious of the ‘true’ import of his work helping to administer the JSSMHT; (alleged sex trafficking, pedophilia entrapment and mind control?)


Interesting excerpt from ‘Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile,’ by Dan Davies

‘What’s this?’ I asked, pointing to a seven-branched, silver candelabra. ‘It’s a Menorah, a Jewish sacred object,’ he said. ‘I did the Jews a favour in London and so THEY GOT SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM THE CHIEF RABBI to give me something.’

He picked it up and read the inscription: ‘Presented to Jimmy Savile Esq, in appreciation and esteem.’




As well as denoting an Israeli fruit, the word “Sabra”, from modern Hebrew ṣabbār ‘opuntia fruit’, denotes a Jewish person. Thirdly, “sabra” — spelled “sabre” in this instance — denotes a type of sword.

All three definitions of Sabra/sabre were known to Jimmy Savile, who described his  friend Jonathan King thus:

“He's a sabra. A sabra is an Israeli fruit that's prickly on the outside and all soft and lovely inside. That's Jonathan King."

N.B. It is open to question whether Savile, a masterful user of cryptic language, is here intimating that Jonathan King is crypto Jewish. Regardless, Savile demonstrates his familiarity with Sabra / sabre as something more, or other than, just a sword.

The Jimmy Savile aligned security firm, Sabrewatch Ltd., therefore advertised its purpose in its name.

It either function as either or both of:

a. a company of Sabra (i.e. ethnically Jewish) security guards (Watch-ers)

b. a company, while not exclusively comprised of Jewish directors, whose function nevertheless is to ‘Watch’ out for Sabras — that is, to Watch out for Jews or for Jewish interests. To safeguard them.

Jimmy Savile’s charity partners — as in, the individuals he handpicked to be his co trustees of The Jimmy Savile Mandeville Hospital Trust (JSSMHT) — included Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch) directors Lady Gabrielle Greenbury and Luke Lucas.

Savile’s charity then, was governed by those who are either Jewish themselves, and/or who Watch-out for Jewish-Zionist interests.

Lady Gabrielle Greenbury was a director of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch) from 1999 to 2005. Gabrielle’s son, Adam Greenbury was a close business partner of the late SIR EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD — whose surviving wife Lynn was ALLEGEDLY instrumental in facilitating Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on behalf of Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Luke Lucas with connections to Bournemouth has been a director of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch) from before 1991 to the present. Mr. Lucas or may not have Jewish ancestry, but in any case, his longterm ‘friendship’ with Jimmy Savile may have its origins in circumstances akin to Savile’s longterm ‘friendship’ with Frank Bruno **

Jimmy Saville’s 3rd and final charity co-trustee at the JSSMHT was Stoke Mandeville consultant radiologist Dr. Roger Bodley. Unlike Lady Greenbury and Luke Lucas, Bodley was never a director of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch).

** Jimmy Savile was Frank Bruno’s handler, or one of them: for example, introducing the fractured-personality boxer to the Yorkshire ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Reportedly, a notable employee of Sabra-Watch (Sabrewatch) in the 1990s was Frank Bruno’s older brother, Michael.


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