Wednesday 27 September 2023

High Speed Rail - Northern Power House Rail

UK - High Speed Rail links ? (HS)

Pulling plug on HS2 'would be final nail in coffin' 

Northern Power House - Rail project ?

"The Guardian spoke to more than a dozen northern political and business leaders, who warned:

 Axing NPR (Northern Power House Rail) would “throttle” post-Brexit trading initiatives such as Liverpool’s newly opened freeport, which Sunak previously described as vital to “turbo charge” growth;

 Manchester and Leeds will have lost out on billions of pounds of investment due to prime city centre land that has lain dormant since being ringfenced for HS2 nearly a decade ago;

 Any cuts to HS2 would “choke off” Birmingham’s recovery from bankruptcy and would make “a complete mockery” of levelling up.


'Sunak and the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, met this month to discuss further major cuts to the multibillion pound scheme.

'The cost of the programme, thought to be the biggest infrastructure project in Europe, is believed to have roughly tripled to about £91bn since it was originally devised in 2009.

'The project has been beset with delays and mismanagement but remains the biggest regeneration effort in the UK in decades, backed by successive governments going back to when Gordon Brown was prime minister.'


At 28 September 2023 at 00:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'We won't extend the line far enough to actually make high speeds relevant, like 300 miles London to Newcastle, 400 miles London to Scotland. And we won't build anywhere where the current service is so sedentary that it would transform a daily commute.'

One of the most sophisticated pieces of organised economic vandalism of the past 50 years: it's been meticulously planned to end up this way and many London journalists have been fully-fledged participants in ensuring that it did.


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