Saturday 23 September 2023

Haiti's Jimmy "Barbecue" Chérizier: Gang leader or revolutionary?


At 23 September 2023 at 04:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haiti's Jimmy "Barbecue" Chérizier: Gang leader or revolutionary?

Neither, he's a Freemason.

Jimmy 'Robin Hood' Barbecue is a Freemason firstly and a Freemason lastly.

His apologists from Haiti Liberte are interesting to say the least. Kim Ives and Daniel Cohen co-directors of this National paper.

A couple of white Harvard drop-outs (according to Mr Ives). Decide to do media work before 'answering the call' to start Haiti Liberte. (Forgive me for saying so, however, it seems like an Operation Mockingbird type of outfit - just saying).

The analysis from The Real News Network offers 'real insight' from a couple of highly suspicious looking white guys with very dubious credentials. It's almost as though they have an agenda (maybe they do).

Haiti Liberte doesn't look like it has much of a high circulation amongst the impoverished locals. The format and articles point to a certain 'international cartel' offering a 'one world view'. It therefore begs the question of how such a 'niche' operation would finance itself and employees. Perhaps would could look towards Langley for answers.

I have attached a recent article from (of all places), Al Jazeera. In this showcase article, Mr Barbecues' extra-curricular activities are plain for all to see.

In September 2022 he decided to blockade the gas terminal and hold the whole country to ransom. An act of domestic terrorism which would have a high value impact on the entire population of Haiti. An interesting strategic move for a lowly thug and reprobate. This was in response to fuel subsidies being stopped apparently. I would suggest Hegelian Dialect at play and once again suggest the 'powers the be' are playing all sides in this sordid game.

He now clearly has the wither to, skills and audacity to lay siege to key infrastructure. This allows this self styled Robin Hood to starve the entire country by way of ransom. Please feel free to read the article by Al Jazeera which demonstrates the suffering and misery caused by Mr Barbecue.

Any suggestion that this individual and his band of pond life scum is a revolutionary or even just a gangster is simply not true.

Mr Barbecue is a Freemason, a traitor and an asset of a foreign supranational organisation. Anyone that can lay siege to key infrastructure and starve people who are already starving and, worse still, get away with it, proves beyond any doubt the kind of sponsored trash that he is.

Again, any suggestion that this 'pond life' is a good guy, just remember that he is a Freemason............enough said!


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