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May 17, 2021


Anonymous comments -  

Florida Surgeon General Dr Joseph Ladapo speaks out

- as covid vaccine booster mania ramps up:

"NOBODY Should Take a COVID Shot...

These Are Terrible Products That Absolutely Shouldn't Be in Human Beings"

Lapado advises against COVID shots for ALL age groups: "We don't recommend it for people under 65 but we don't encourage it for people over 65 either"

"It's not a product, based on its safety, that ANYONE should take"

Photo of Dr Joseph Ladapo

'Florida Surgeon General Says Covid Vaccines Are Poison'

Dr Ladapo is one of the top anti-vax health officials in the world right now

Hopefully he will not suffer the fate of 5 other black leaders who spoke out about covid and the vax:

'The curve of the vax is the curve of death'

- Nobel prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier (1932-2022)

"Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the vaccine!!!"

- Computer virus pioneer, John McAfee (1945-2021), tweeted this at the very outset of the covid 'crisis', well before 'vaccines' were available, on 5 February 2020 


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