Monday 4 September 2023

Cluster munitions


Anonymous -

Three American lives forever changed by the cluster munitions now being sent to Ukraine

“… [For] every 155mm cluster shell that is given to Ukraine and fired, 10 of the 72 grenades it disperses are likely to fall to the ground as hazardous duds ...

“More than 100 nations have banned their use because of the harm they pose, especially to children, but the United States, Russia and Ukraine have not …

“‘What revolts me is the whataboutism, focused on the fact that Russia has been using these weapons from the beginning of the war,’ [said retired marine Col Seth WB Folsom]. ‘So what? That doesn’t make it right’” …


At 5 September 2023 at 05:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have the immense human rights crime of tens of thousands Ukrainians continually sent to die, in hopeless attacks with no military justification

The EU leaders, the NATO leaders, the Ukraine leaders, all share the horrific blame ... The only seeming 'purpose' the continuing profits of armaments companies, and the continuing damage to lives and peoples

A Pole active in Ukraine, says common Ukrainians have no wish to fight this hopeless war further -

"A Pole on the difficult situation in Ukraine ... Slawomir Wysocki, a Pole who regularly travels to Ukraine with humanitarian aid, told how tragic the situation is:

'For several months Ukrainians have only breached the first line of defence. The human losses on the Ukrainian side are huge. Western equipment is burning like matches. Things are much worse than is commonly imagined.

'In the villages ... I see cemeteries along the streets. Each has new graves, flags near each one. There are more than two thousand graves in Kharkov [alone].'

[Q. How do Ukrainians feel about the Russian defence system?]
A. 'They are terrified. The Russian army has foreseen everything. The defence system was built by construction companies. It's not a peasant swinging a shovel to build a trench ... it's fortifications in the style of the Maginot Line. And there are three or four such lines. Ukrainians say there are five mines per square metre. You can't put your foot on the ground without one of them exploding.'

[Q. With such a situation at the front, with ever-increasing losses, are there still people willing to defend their homeland?]
A. 'There are none ... such a meat grinder ... no one left to fight'"

BBC echoes this as well -
'Dying by the dozens every day - Ukraine losses climb'


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