Monday 4 September 2023

'Brexit proven correct after all'


Anonymous -

Brexit proven correct after all

With new revised figures from the UK ONS (Office of National Statistics) it turns out that -

 The UK post-Brexit, is actually doing better economically than the EU members of the G7, Germany, France and Italy

The 'post-covid' rebound of the UK was in fact stronger than in the EU, behind only the US and Canada

This might sound a little surprising given that for ordinary people in the UK, things feel rough ... UK society having quite strong inequities and some safety net deficiencies

But in fact things are declining rapidly on the Continent, it's not the old days

Germany wrecking itself with the war sanctions and the end of cheap energy supplies, its historic industries closing

And in France, here is a shocking interview with the CEO of Carrefour, the giant low-price French chain of grocers / department stores for home

"Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard warns of 'non-spending tsunami' ... French in 'situation of deprivation'"

We are not far from the big crisis with the euro and the EU banks, which, thanks to Brexit, Britain will escape

"No currency has lost more ground in global trade than the euro. In just over two years the euro has fallen from 39.5% of global payments outside the euro-zone to just 13.6%."


At 5 September 2023 at 02:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Euro currency countries indeed in deep trouble, but Poland and Czechia are outliers:
- not hobbled by euro currency
- German industry that remains is using cheaper Czech & Polish labour
- low costs with middling wages make for high living standards

Prague is the new Paris, favoured European city for the rich
- beautiful old city with all amenities and luxury services
- very safe without the social & crime problems of cities in western Europe
- loose atheist culture re personal life, sexuality, even pornography production etc

If Jeffrey Epstein was buying a European 2nd home apartment today, it would not be in Paris, it would be in Prague, closer to the Eastern European young ladies he favoured

Prague now expensive tho for Czechs due to property prices, unlike most of Czechia

Poland has a huge boom of war billions, the NATO side of the Ukraine war is staged from there
Poles boasting they are on the cusp of having higher living standards than Britain, and maybe soon the EU's biggest military
Poland may become wrecked tho as a main battlefield if the Ukraine war expands


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