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POLL: President Biden now 10 points behind Trump - 41% of Americans say US doing too much to help Ukraine

“A new poll from the Washington Post showed disastrous numbers for incumbent President Joe Biden, who is now 10 points behind former President Donald Trump in in the latest measurement of the US electorate …

“Despite facing 91 felony counts across four indictments, Trump's numbers across polls are not budging …

“Some 75 percent of Americans believe the economy is 'not so good,' or 'poor,' according to the poll. A whopping 87 percent of Americans say that gas and energy prices are 'not so good' or 'poor.' And 91 percent of people say the same about food prices …

“The poll also found that US sentiment toward the war in Ukraine continues to shift. Forty-one percent of Americans said they believe the US is doing too much to help …

“Nearly 50 percent (48) of Americans said that both Trump and Biden are too old to serve another term …”


At 24 September 2023 at 08:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the USA election circus

Trump says positive things about both Robert F Kennedy Jr and Vivek Ramaswamy, the latter often thought a possible Trump running mate, and this respect seems somewhat reciprocated as well, this trio all with 'populist' appeal

RFK Jr, noting how Democrat party machinery is rigged against him like it was against the popular Bernie Sanders, is considering running as a 3rd party candidate ... which would possibly 'split' the Democrat vote, and hand the election to Trump (or the Republican)

Regarding that idea that the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, forbidding a President who has been involved in 'insurrection', may block Trump -

There is now a parallel idea from Republicans, that Joe Biden can be similarly blocked, due to 'treason' regarding his and his son Hunter's financial dealings with China

Maybe a 'compromise' where both Biden and Trump bow out of politics, with pardons all around, letting both fade away?

A related idea out there, is that the US establishment is chafing over the error of installing an obviously non-functional 'Joe Biden' in office, and so in 2024 will anoint someone much more media-presentable -

The globalist, 'woke-leftist' but quite charismatic and well-spoken Democrat Governor of California Gavin Newsom (born 1967)

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At 24 September 2023 at 09:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notable that Trump is praising Sunak, as Sunak suddenly goes 'populist' against the 'green agenda' and its heavy cost burdens for common people

Sunak is accused of responding to his low poll numbers ... but common poor and working people would be hit hard by these 'green' mandates

It's not hard these days to paint today's 'leftists' as fanatics destroying the quality and standard of life for commoners ... like those 'greens' in Germany are doing.

Sunak scraps the taskforce on speeding up expensive home insulation and boiler upgrades

Sunak delays the petrol and diesel car ban

Sunak being attacked by the 'green' leftists of Europe ... and also denounced by the likes of Rachel Johnson, journalist sister of former PM Boris Johnson

'Mr Sunak said moving too fast on green policies "risks losing the consent of the British people".

'Mr Sunak, who was also criticised by some in his own party, said he could not impose "unacceptable costs" on British families as a result of attempts to reduce emissions.

In the USA, former president Trump - who reversed climate measures during his presidency - praised the "smart" British PM.

Railing against "fake climate alarmists that don't have a clue", he claimed green measures could "destroy and bankrupt" the UK.

"(Mr Sunak) has very substantially rolled back the ridiculous 'climate mandates' that the United States is pushing on everyone, especially itself", wrote Mr Trump

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps:
"A ban on gas boilers means that perhaps an average home would spend about £8,000 on having to rip out their gas boiler. We think that we can both meet our 2050 commitments and give families a bit of a break and enable them to change their boilers as time comes rather than force this sort of pace which is unrealistic."

At 25 September 2023 at 04:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZeroHedge now also has the 'Sunak in revolt against the greens & climate agenda' story

“We’ll never force anyone to rip out their existing boiler and replace it with a heat pump,” Sunak said.


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