Sunday 13 August 2023

YELDHAM scandal



'Mr. Yeldham is the retired New South Wales supreme court judge who made the controversial decision to grant hospital licenses to National Medical Enterprises' Australian subsidiary in 1993. This was in spite of escalating exposures of its 'criminal' conduct. 

Yeldham's Conduct

Mr. Yeldham's Suicide:- Mr. Yeldham, a retired supreme court judge in New South Wales committed suicide when he was subpoenaed to appear before a Royal Commission inquiring into police corruption and the protection of paedophiles. The reason for this became apparent during evidence.

Mr. Yeldham's conduct:-  (Sydney Morning Herald 12 Dec 96). He was well known in the gay community. He frequented the homosexual beat where he purchased sexual favours from young men and schoolboys (Sydney Morning Herald 7 Dec 96). 

His conduct had been so public that at least 7 instances were described to the commission. He had been apprehended by police on several occasions over a period of 11 years. While many knew of his conduct his wife, children and the public did not. The problem is not that he was gay but that his conduct in public was such that he placed himself at risk of blackmail or improper influence.

Police protection and the special branch:- Yeldham had been protected by the police. 

The "special branch" had been particularly protective. The special branch were called in by the regular police when Yeldham was apprehended. They drove Yeldham home. Police records were lost or falsified to conceal what was happening. Police understood this was because Yeldham was "on side". 

He would make decisions favourable to the police. The special branch were a section of the police whose duties include the security of the state and the protection of politicians. They apparently kept files on large numbers of public figures and no one knows to whom they reported and to what use this information was put. They seemed to be a law unto themselves. Special branch members who gave evidence to the Royal Commission had remarkably poor memories about any of these matters. Police corruption in NSW has been a serious problem for many years.


At 13 August 2023 at 13:42 , Blogger Unknown said...

So long as homosexuallity was illegal in a country, no-one has the right to judge homosexuals, who did what they had to to be true to their essential natures, whilst retaining the right to equal opportunities in society.

I have zero time for police officers and security service psychopaths claiming that only heterosexuals can work in public service. Just as I have zero tolerance of defining 'paedophilia' as 'consensual homosexual acts between two men whose ages would make sex as heterosexuals legal'. Societies were very prejudiced back then and it's all very well hoity-toity heterosexuals trying to claim that being born homosexual is a crime: it's not. It's just a fundamental reality for many, many people. I wonder how many wars were started by heterosexuals and why the people who caused deaths of millions weren't treated more harshly than homosexuals engaging in consensual sex?


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