Friday 18 August 2023


The UK’s former deputy chief medical officer

Jonathan Van-Tam has taken a role at vaccine maker Moderna.

Prominent figure in UK pandemic response becomes medical consultant at pharma group.

In 2020 former UK chancellor Sajid Javid took a high-paying role at JPMorgan. 

In 2021 when it emerged that former prime minister David Cameron lobbied members of the government on behalf of Greensill Capital. 

Nearly a third of all new jobs taken by former ministers and senior officials had a significant overlap with their previous brief, according to Transparency International.


Van-Tam visits Israel to talk about vaccine ...


 Unknown commented -

“Beloved” Jonathan Van-Tam … Moderna Biotech U.K. Limited … KA-CHING!

- Jonathan Van-Tam’s new salary for “advising” Moderna has “NOT” been made public.

- During the worldwide Covid episode, the U.K. Government bought 77 million Moderna vaccines. Further, it signed a 10-year deal with Moderna last December to produce upwards of 250 million vaccines a year “in the event of” future Covid episodes.

- Carol Vorderman slammed Van-Tam’s gravy-train move on social media:

“BREAKING: Jonathan Van Tam, of Vaccine Taskforce … [has] joined MODERNA as a consultant … Last yr Govt did a £1 BILLION deal with Moderna to build a centre in the UK. Nice work if you can get it?”

- Van-Tam’s previous role as a U.K. deputy chief medical officer on the vaccines task force is understood to have attracted a salary of c. £149,000.

- The new part-time Moderna advisory role is said to be part of Van Tam’s “portfolio-based career”. 

In the past he has benefited from roles with pharma giants SmithKline Beecham, Roche, and Sanofi-Pasteur. It remains to be seen which other pharma giants he will sign up with.

- Darius Hughes, the UK general manager for Moderna, said the company remains “open to … providing Covid vaccines to healthcare providers for private sales”

- “It is not clear how much *private* Covid jabs would cost … But Moderna has already said it expects to QUADRUPLE its own price.”


Unknown commented
COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ makers gear up to launch updated shots in the private market

“After the recent cratering of COVID-19 vaccine demand, biopharma's pandemic superstars are looking to bounce back with private-market launches this fall.”


Unknown commented 

In the US, mew Covid shots are on the way

“Healthcare providers and pharmacies such as CVS Health will start next month to offer the shot …

“Last year, Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine sales topped $56 billion worldwide; analysts project around $20 billion for this year … Pfizer /BioNTech, Moderna and Novavax have created versions of the COVID [shot] to try to match the variant they believe will be circulating this fall.”


Unknown commented -

Covid vaccines could end up being sold at Superdrug as chain confirms it is 'interested' in offering jabs privately


At 18 August 2023 at 00:07 , Blogger Anon said...

Unknown commented -

Sorry, xxxxx should be facing a prison term for his misconduct during the #####. This is all the evidence you need that xxxxx is 'sound' for the corrupt mafia criminals, just like xxxxx was for xxxx, xxxxx was for xxxxx etc etc.

xxxxx is a charlatan, a liar and he betrayed his profession through his actions.


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