Saturday 26 August 2023

US & Russia quiet about each other's false flags

Anonymous comments on 'Prigozhin dead?':

US & Russia quiet about each other's false flags - Prigozhin plane downing fits this model

The worst crime charged to Vladimir Putin, is his role in the Chechen wars which killed perhaps 100,000

This involved what Russian dissidents said were false flag operations blaming 'Muslim terrorists', as the pretext for blocking Chechnya and Dagestan from having their independence rights ... when Russia wanted these territories for oil & gas lines & national income security

Some think the success of 'Muslim terrorist' false flags blaming Chechens, were the model for the NYC twin towers destruction of 11 Sep 2001.

US-NATO and Russia both, avoid challenging the other's narratives about either Chechnya or 9-11

First news about the downing of the plane killing Prigozhin and Wagner's leadership, suggested a missile attack from inside Russia, as best fitting in with video, eyewitness reports, and Wagner's own security regarding its planes

But the narrative quickly changed, the US Pentagon quickly supporting the Kremlin position, that there was 'no evidence' of a missile launch

USA and Russia both have satellites intensively working to detect missile launches, this going on since the 1960s, but whatever these satellites see, is secret unless released

The 'no missile' idea is supported by pro-Russia Western 'ex-spooks' writing on the Ukraine war ... But are they really 'ex-' spooks?

One of these prominent 'ex-spook' now alleged 'dissident' Ukraine bloggers - Larry Johnson 'veteran of CIA and US State Dept Counter-Terrorism' -

Johnson assures us that the Russian 'investigation' of the Prigozhin plane downing "is not a smoke screen to cover up for Russian government", and that very honourable Putin who finished off the Chechen wars, is seeking those who mysteriously were able to bypass Wagner security and plant bombs on Prigozhin's plane, when Putin recently invited Wagner to Moscow for some 'friendly consultations'.

Johnson even gives us the Putin 'suspects':

- Wagner people angry at Prigozhin for not sharing profits enough
- military people angry at Wagner for killing 12 Russian pilots in combat during the June 'March for Justice' on Moscow
- Russian oligarchs angry at Wagner over turf or whatever

A 'patsy' can possibly be selected from this list, maybe even a friend and supporter of Prigozhin, who can be nonetheless 'blamed'

But many, in Russia and out of Russia, will not believe the Russian 'official story' after the 'investigation'.

Embarrassed President Lukashenko of Belarus, who brokered the 'deal' to end the June Prigozhin mutiny, and who happily let Wagner settle in as part of Belarus security - Lukashenko who also did not go along with Putin's 'covid & vaccine' agenda - has also just hinted at what many Russians think


At 27 August 2023 at 00:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything makes much more sense when you realise all these bad actors are all on the same side.

At 27 August 2023 at 14:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Igor Strelkov is in jail till his September hearing, unable to post on the internet, but via his few lawyers / visitors allowed, his thoughts on the Prigozhin killing are being reported.

Strelkov's reported feeling is that Putin was intending to honour the deal to let Prigozhin live and be active in Belarus and Africa ... but that Prigozhin's plane was most likely downed by rogue actions of Defence Minister (also oligarch) Sergei Shoigu and his crew, who control the anti-aircraft missiles in Russia.

Air crews were angry about Prigozhin's killing of 12 Russian pilots in June, when aircraft attacked the Wagner columns, and Shoigu's alleged misconduct and corruption had been the main target of Prigozhin's denunciations in his June 'March for Justice'.

Shoigu is sufficiently well-linked to some other oligarchs so that Putin can't remove him easily, is the general thought, and Shoigu has been purging military commanders - such as the famous General Surovikin - who could move against him, leading a good share of the Russian army also wishing Shoigu was gone.

When Prigozhin was on his June march, much of the Russian army just stood aside ... and all power centres in Russia took note of both that, and Putin fleeing from Moscow. Everyone sees the fragility now.

The West didn't win military in Ukraine, nor with the economic sanctions ... but the war may indeed have inflamed internal conflicts which can unravel Russia in the near future. There may well be some other 'warlord' move one day, by either some of the oligarch private armies, or by someone like the Chechens.

And Putin may slowly see what can be done about Shoigu, who has now perhaps killed Putin's friend of 30 years.

At 27 August 2023 at 15:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of media now on the Ukraine side of the war not going very well ... they are setting up the wind-down / exit

BBC the other day was highlighting, 'Ukraine war: The men who don't want to fight' ... with the key message that many Ukrainians don't want to do this war either.

Tho the beeb held back from detailing the full horror, the fact that barely-trained Ukraine men are sent by the tens of thousands into violent death, for no genuine military purpose, other than padding the purses of the war profiteers.

It seems a war crime itself to force people into combat like that, into mine-fields and being hit by bomb-dropping drones, with nearly no preparation. Firing a gun a few times is not 'training' ... it needs to be so practiced one does it well under stress.

Tho the BBC did let on, that the most effective route Ukrainians can use to escape Ukraine and its border patrols, is via the 600-kilometre, much-unguarded border with Romania, over Carpathian mountains so rough that a number die attempting the crossing.


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