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“Jeffrey Epstein didn’t act alone. Where’s the client list? Release it now. I’ll do it as President.”


“I’ll release the full Epstein client list without apology.

“The administrative-police state should stop protecting its chief sponsors while weaponizing itself against its opponents. The first step to fix corruption is to see it.”

“Pardon defendants of politicized prosecutions: Trump, Mackey, and peaceful Jan 6 protesters.

“Hold Congress accountable for ‘hush money’ fund: taxpayers should not subsidize sexual misconduct.

“Publish the Jeffrey Epstein client list: government should not use police power to shield select elites.”


At 28 August 2023 at 01:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The long-time racism of USA life, has now exploded in an unusual way ... black support for Donald Trump after his famous recent mugshot booking photo in a Georgia jail

What is neglected in USA discussions of 'black crime', is that there was long little care by US authorities whether an innocent or guilty black was arrested and jailed. This is a historic reality, well-known in USA black communities, tho not to whites. Trump also helped release many blacks from jail, more than Obama did actually.

So now - a huge trend on Twitter-X -

'Black Social Media Erupts For Trump'

"Social media eruption of black sympathy for Trump over an arrest that, for many blacks, parallels the mistreatment they perceive blacks have received in the American criminal justice system.

Now it's folks that have been unjustly indicted and falsely accused, for Trump. That includes their mothers fathers, and these people are going to vote

People calling themselves 'Blacks for Trump' and 'Niggas for Trump' posted themselves near the infamous Fulton County Jail on Atlanta's Rice Street

Blacks lining the street to cheer on the former president's motorcade and shouting "Free Trump!"

"Trump is a brother now ... You go to jail in Zone 6 Atlanta, you a brotha," says this man. "Straight up. They f**ked up. Niggas like niggas that went to jail."

"Every real nigga got to go to jail at least one time," says this man, who also warns that Democrats have "f**ked up" and will now face vengeance".

"Man, they deep-in-the-hood GANGSTAS hollering bout Trump 2024!" notes this enthusiastic black Trumper. “Gangstas - the HOOD’s got this man’s back. It’s Trump 2024!”

Black men say Trump was better for their wallets. "Trump wanted us to get off our ass and get some money," says one man. "He put America first," says another

A recurring theme: Anger about "bitch ass nigga" Biden relentlessly funneling billions of dollars into the Ukraine war as conditions in American cities deteriorate.

A black woman who longs for the days of Trump's Covid-era money handouts:
"im voting fa @realdonaldtrump ion care who look at me different"

"These other presidents be sayin' good stuff to you, but doing bad stuff to you. Trump might be sayin some bad stuff, but he was doing some good stuff. Check the record!"

Comedian ‘Clutch Williams’ just released a video supporting President Trump and goes as far to say that Donald Trump was one of the best Presidents we had in a long time.

The booking of Donald Trump ... from Democrat dream to Democrat nightmare."

Side-by-side jail mugshot photos blacks are sharing -
Martin Luther King, 1960s ... Donald John Trump, 2020s

At 28 August 2023 at 11:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the famous angry-looking mugshot photo of Trump -

people are noticing that what Trump did is adopt the 'Kubrick stare', what director Stanley Kubrick used in his films to suggest the character is deranged or psychopathic, the look of staring directly at the camera, but with head tilted down

Image collage of 4 photos with the 'Kubrick stare' -

Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell
The Shining, Jack Nicholson
Full Metal Jacket, Vincent D'Onofrio
Georgia Jail, Donald Trump

older video on the 'Kubrick stare' with the first 3 of the above


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