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At 24 August 2023 at 14:39 , Anonymous Margi Bingley said...

I've previously posted this information on Aangirfan. In 1972 I met Stan Deyo at a City Beach party. He spoke with me for 2 hours, I left with my head spinning. That evening I'd seen a UFO speeding across the Perth sky then suddenly at hyper speed it went straight up (90 deg angle). Stan told me he had quit the CIA & stopped working on Ed Teller's anti gravity project due to his disgust with aspects of the CIA. He had not released his book Cosmic Conspiracy at that point but had been interviewed on Perth radio. His story to me was that Holly & he were going to 'spy' on Pine Gap because indigenous people living there had said they saw unusual 'air craft' coming out of that area. He also told me that DARPA/ ATS work was so advanced they were 100 years ahead of what the 'peasants' were allowed to use and know about. Not only Stan but Nassim Haramein, whom I have also met, said the same thing. Nassim understood Dr Judy Wood's 'Where Did the Towers Go?" (unlike some of your readers here) See: "Recruited by the Illuminati, Stan Deyo was taken secretly to Australiain 1971 to design "flying saucer" propulsion systems with them. Deyoreveals years later why "they" keep the alien/UFO agenda from thepublic. Many have investigated this huge conspiracy from the outsidelooking in - BUT, only one has come forward from an insider'sperspective. Stan Deyo's,The Cosmic Conspiracy, is his testimony to you who would know the truth.." 3 hours ago on the amazing ability of quantum computing etc. Nassim: ""The way we visualize things in physics is essential to getting the right answers in our theory. In modern physics, the sea of quantum-scale fluctuations - spoken of by Dirac, Einstein and Wheeler - is called "virtual particles", a series of particle creation/annihilation that come in and out of existence very quickly. So, in quantum physics, these little spinning things have theoretically become an oscillating string. We've lost a dimension in visualization. In fact, unified physics is able to find the right answers because we see it as small vortices producing larger vortices. And this field is actually capable of creating angular momentum and dynamics that produce the effects called mass and energy."

At 24 August 2023 at 15:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

as i understand it, a LASER beam would diverge so much over that distance that it would be the size of the you may as well try to find the reflected signal from the whole surface and the little reflector will be useless


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