Friday 11 August 2023


At 11 August 2023 Anonymous said...

Traditional work and life practices ‘are risky’ — everyone should work from home for safety reasons (?!)

Amazon workers in the US are being tracked and penalized for not spending sufficient time in the company’s offices … as tech companies push back against work-from-home practices that FLOURISHED during the pandemic …

“The push to return to work [comes] as another Covid-19 surge spreads across the US, UNDERSCORING RISKS that motivated the shift to working from home …”

At 11 August 2023 at 06:21 , Anonymous said...

Clintons set to close dozens of shops

Which high street stores are closing? A full list of shop closures for 2023

Marks & Spencer executive warns demise of Oxford Street is fuelling crime

Could Britain see the CLOSURE of the majority of physical shops with the concomitant NECESSITY that practically all shopping be done virtually — save for a tiny number of high-end designer boutiques, trinket shops, and fully automated minimarts — within the next 5-10 years?

The FIRST (and only) country in the world to do so??

(For all their devotion to online shopping, high-income Asian nations still make great use of street markets and small shops where food & other items can be haggled over, inspected and touched for freshness & quality etc. 

Millions of North Americans in the heartland lack fast delivery options, and so will continue to opt for weekly/monthly road journeys to larger cities with multiple big box stores & malls).

Is the U.K. being used as a world-first ‘Guinea pig’ to usher in the No-physical-shopping paradigm?

Which will, ultimately, also involve the end of physical cash, the end of physical banks, the end of physical post offices, the end of physical offices and workplaces, the end of physical schools, the end of physical universities, the end of physical pharmacies, the end of physical cinemas, 

the end of physical churches and cathedrals, the end of physical museums, the end of physical restaurants and cafes, the end of physical flights and physical holidays, the end of physical libraries, the end of all physical travel, etc etc etc?

Britain to become the world’s first fully ‘VIRTUALIZed’ country for stay-at-home prisoners, sorry, subjects — sorry citizens??


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