Saturday 26 August 2023

Niger, 'Pentagon supports Junta', Nigeria, Nigerian Senate,

'President Mohamed Bazoum who has the support of France's President Macron was removed by a military Junta which is directly supported by the Pentagon. Victoria Nuland’s mission to Niger was to “negotiate” Niamey’s “alignment” with "Washington against Paris"'

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'Nigerian Senators may just have saved tens of thousands of lives.

'Nigeria's Senate rejects presidential request for the army to intervene in Niger'

"Senators have rejected the request by President Bola Tinubu for permission to deploy Nigerian troops to Niger Republic

West African defence chiefs said they had drawn a plan for military action ... President Tinubu wrote the Senate for permission to involve Nigerian troops in the action

However, at an executive session on Saturday, the senators rejected the request by the president ... they ruled out military options

Over 90 per cent of senator who spoke are vehement against sending troops / military action

Senators opposed to military action pointed out that [Nigeria's] military is highly ill-equipped and not prepared to fight any war. They said that we have fragile peace in Nigeria.

Senators believe that the Nigerian Federal Government should focus on solving banditry
 and menaces ravaging the country instead of contemplating going to war in a foreign country.


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Still heading for major war in West Africa, one group of countries against another, Russia's Wagner to possibly be involved?

The deadline on the ultimatum is Sunday 6 August, tho the pro-Western coalition backed by France, says they will choose when to strike

Nigeria with its big army to lead the attack, but some Nigerians say this war may rip Nigeria itself apart, because:

- Nigeria's long-rebellious Muslim north is sympathetic to Muslim Niger

- Nigeria's army is poorly organised and equipped, without even decent transport for many of its troops

Much of Nigeria detests the narrow oligarchy enjoying the oil revenues with Nigeria's recently-inaugurated President Tinubu, and multiple parties may move amidst war chaos


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