Sunday 13 August 2023

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August 12 - 'Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon

'The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town.'


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Speaking of that:

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I viewed a FB video post (now banned) but that I filmed before it was banned in which a female survivor of the fires said it was a DEW. The targets were the indigenous people and their sacred sites. She claims it was an occult 88 (date) event (H= 8th letter of alphabet therefore HH or Heil Hitler). Also the weather came from the mountains in the east where it NEVER comes from normally. Help was NOT allowed in. Over 1,000 are dead, she witnessed people burning alive in the streets. I checked her claims. "The history of the region is also connected to King Kamehameha. After Kamehameha, the “aliʻi ʻai moku” or lead chief of the Island of Hawaii, succeeded in unifying all the Hawaiian islands in 1810, he made Lahaina on Maui his royal residence. It has been revered by its Indigenous peoples as a sacred place for generations. In the 19th century, it served as the home and burial place of the Hawaiian royal family and became the first capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Carmen Lindsey, chairwoman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, said in a statement that “Lahaina holds some of the most historically significant cultural properties and highest-ranking sacred remains of our ancestors.”
He selected this place to be near Kihawahine, the guardian spirit of his wife Keōpūolani. He then venerated Kihawahine, which assured that his lineage would continue to serve as leaders." Then: "Hawaii emergency management records show no indication that warning sirens sounded before people ran for their lives from wildfires on Maui that killed at least 55 people and wiped out a historic town. Instead, officials sent alerts to mobile phones, televisions and radio stations — but widespread power and cellular outages may have limited their reach." Sounds like a set up to me.


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