Sunday 13 August 2023


The Green's Patrick Harvie who is Jewish, and the SNP's Fergus Ewing

Fergus Ewing wants an end to the Green Party's deal with the Scottish National Party.

Fergus Ewing points out that the Greens have never won a single parliamentary seat in Scotland.

Fergus Ewing points out that the Greens are seen as primarily responsible for a whole series of policy disasters over the last two years. 

These including 

Gender Reform - now facing likely defeat in the Courts; 

the Deposit Return Scheme, 

Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs), 

Imposition of heating systems on people at huge cost to them - 

( and which according to leading expert Lord Haughey in many cases and types of property won’t work or work well enough.)...

Fergus writes - 'The Greens also want to shut down our world class oil and gas industry putting tens of thousands of hard working people out of work. 

'It's actually difficult to identify any sector of business they fully support. And profit seems to be for them, a four letter word.

SNP MSPs call for review of Bute House Agreement with Scottish Greens

'The Greens basically would destroy our economy.' 

(We used to know Fergus quite well and regard him is being a good bloke)



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