Thursday 24 August 2023

Dust Mites - breathing

45% of allergies are caused by dust mites

The most common examples of dust mite allergies are:

- Asthma and asthmatic equivalents: dry cough and chronic bronchitis.
- Rhinitis
- Conjunctivitis
- Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis.

Allergens exist mainly in dust mite excretions (faeces) and in the remains of dead dust mites.

I ordered my Allerbed device (to deal with dust mites) on 8 August 2023.

By 21 August it had still not been delivered to me..

'I bought an allerbed last week after reading your article ...its not silent as advertised & no word from customer services.'


The best dust mites treatment - The 100% effective method

'The new device that eliminates dust mites from your home'. 

    • Keep the humidity in your home under 50 percent to ward off the conditions dust mites thrive in.
    Place baking soda around your home. Baking soda absorbs moisture, so it can help dehumidify your house.

    As a bonus, it's very cheap.

    Pour it into bowls, and cover them each with a thin cloth. Put them in various rooms around your house.Be sure to check on the baking soda every once in a while. As it cakes, you'll need to replace it.

    3 Ways to Dehumidify a Home

    100% safe, chemical-free treatment

    Thanks to medical research on ultrasound, the Allerbed device produces an ultrasonic signal that is inaudible and totally harmless to humans and pet animals.

    This ultrasonic signal prevents mating during the reproductive stage. As they are no longer able to reproduce, the concentration of dust mites decreases daily, reaching its lowest level after 3 months.

    Consequently, allergy sufferers’ symptoms gradually decrease from the 2nd week of use onwards, the optimum effect being reached after 3 months. The results are long-lasting.


    21 hours ago

    Avoid Allerbed?

    I ordered a family pack of 3 units.

    My parcel arrived 2 weeks later but only contained two units.

    I cannot get the units to plug in to the UK adaptors that are provided.

    Date of experience: 23 August 2023

    Updated 4 Jul 2023

    Shocking customer service

    Do not use this company. Ordered 3 units not received anything. The phone number they provide rings once and then goes dead. No one replies to your email.

    Update - the device finally arrived. The product is as described. However I would not recommend buying from this company. The customer service is non existent. Truly shocking service

    Date of experience: 03 July 2023

    5 Jul 2023

    Absolute Scam!

    Absolute Scam!
    Ordered 3 received 1 (similar to other reviews). Item looks like a cheap plastic toy. No response from customer service. Clearly a scam.

    Stay clear from!

    Date of experience: 04 July 2023

    9 Jan 2020

    Probable scam

    I haven’t actually used the company but I think it is a scam. The “verified reviews” on their French website ( are identical to those on their English website, with the names changed. They seem to be the same company as (Van Orton, in Geneva) which is listed elsewhere on TrustPilot as a scam. The product being sold here is ALLERBED, which has no reviews elsewhere on the internet that I can find.

    Date of experience: 09 January 2020

    20 Nov 2021

    This is probably a scam

    I also now think this company is a scam. I ordered and paid £99 for 3 units. Received one unit and 3 adaptors. This is not at all what the website says. The alleged customer service number does not exist. There is no way to contact them except email. I have not received a reply.

    Date of experience: 20 November 2021



    At 21 August 2023 at 05:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    At 21 August 2023 at 05:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    At 21 August 2023 at 05:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i bought an allerbed last week after reading your article ...its not silent as advertised & no word from customer services


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