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DNA, MUTATIONS ... Frances Arnold


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Nobel Prize Winner, daughter of Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project scientist - Frances Arnold, "today, if I want to breed at the molecular level, I can have three parents. 

I can mix DNA from 33 parents. 

I can mix species. 

I can make random mutations and control the level of those mutations. 

I have control over the underlying evolutionary processes — that’s an ability no one had before these technologies became available. 

The questions then became: How do you do it and get something that’s better than what you started with? And how do you do it on a timescale that matters? 

I suppose I received the Nobel Prize for figuring out how to do it. 

We’ve made lots of enzymes that are used in industry, and students from my group have started companies that work on sustainable chemistry, such as making jet fuel from renewable resources. 

Some make nontoxic modes of agricultural pest control, and others make useful chemicals without generating much waste." 


At 13 August 2023 at 09:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Frances Arnold….no time for sleep and much room for her making things “evolve” as she causes evolution, but she too has a Nobel Prize like the equally deserving Barack Obama, community organizer.

At 13 August 2023 at 12:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putin's rise to power - Russian-Jewish Alfabank - Klaus Schwab's partner - Putinism & populism

Helping launch Putin into sudden fame and power in the 1990s, were people at the largest private bank in Russia, Alfabank, founded in 1990 by Ukraine-born Israeli-Russian Michael Fridman (born 1964)

Fridman was reportedly arrested and briefly detained in the UK in late 2022 for violating sanctions

There has been an Alfabank in Ukraine where Fridman was born, with similar shareholders ... tho as the conflict started in 2022 it has been renamed to 'Sense Bank'. Nominal managers at all these banks have been re-shuffled since the Russian incursion and sanctions ... but links to billionaire Fridman are still thought to be in place.

Alfabank in the 1990s had for a time as Chief Economist, Thierry Malleret (born 1961) ... who afterwards moved on to become a top partner of Klaus Schwab and the WEF Davos forums, Malleret being the 'co-author' - some think full-on ghost writer - of the 2020 Klaus Schwab book 'The Great Reset'.

Rolo Slavskiy tells of the meteoric sudden rise to fame of Putin, managed directly by another Alfa Bank executive with some passion and experience in theatre productions, Vladislav Surkov, born in Chechnya in 1962 (or 1964, uncertain).

Israel-Russian Fridman's powerful Alfabank was a key convergence point for Russian oligarchs to ponder about how to replace Boris Yeltsin. Fridman had noticed Surkov's talents, and these were harnessed along with the power of Russian media mogul Boris Berezovsky (1946-2013) ... Berezovsky is sometimes said to also have been an occasional asset of MI6.

When the Russian oligarchy agreed that barely-known spy chief Putin should be cast as Russia's new 'strong leader', Surkov and Berezovsky brilliantly and quickly fulfilled their task, making Putin an overnight star.

Surkov has been mentioned by Aangirfan before, in an article quoting Adam Curtis:

At the time of that 2015 article Surkov was a key top advisor for Putin; he had even been for a time deputy prime minister in Russia. Surkov was managing affairs in the Donbass rebel region of Ukraine, and wound up being embarrassed by a massive leak of his e-mails in 2016.

Blamed for his misjudgements regarding Donbass, as some 14,000 Russians there were killed during 2014-22, and with the debacle of the 'Minsk Peace Agreements' not being honoured by the West, Surkov fell from favour and office in 2020, and was put under house arrest in 2022.

But Surkov - 'Putin's Rasputin', like Steve Bannon for the 2016 Trump campaign - with his theatrical instincts, is credited more than anyone else with the invention of Putin and 'Putinism', the populist-style leader, during his two decades closely involved with Putin ... and Slavskiy suggests Surkov may have even had a role in lining up Western alt-media figures who were selling the story of 'Putin as heroic opposition to Western wrongdoing'.

1 of 2 - continued

At 13 August 2023 at 12:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 of 2

(continued) Putin's rise to power - Russian-Jewish Alfabank - Klaus Schwab's partner - Putinism & populism

Rolo Slavskiy notes how in Russia, there is a near-direct avowal of a politics of manipulation, not ony through thinly-veiled 'fiction' by some Russian writers - with little complaint by the oligarchy - but also by direct statements of some political people, in particular Surkov.

Some of the core ideas involved are, that democracy is a sham in most places, with controlled opposition, manipulative media, and theoretical 'opposing parties' that nonetheless stay within narrow pro-oligarch limits.

But at the same time, Surkov - and Western populists later on - also understood that there is at root, a real 'nation' of popular feeling, which the most clever political operators, like Surkov or Steve Bannon etc., can tap ... and that in fact governance works better by going along with those popular feelings.

In too much of the West, elites are trying to 'impose' various agendas against the popular will, and often hit a wall of frustration ... and elites then complain bitterly about 'populists'.

Whereas Putinism as Surkov conceived it, is built on an opposite idea ... try as much as possible to satisfy major popular inclinations, including the more nationalist and traditional ones. Play into that well, and one can then break various 'rules' more easily.

Surkov also had the idea - rather correctly as it turned out - that 'nationalistic populism' would become increasingly important across Europe and the West as well.

The populist approach, of course, is easier in more homogenous, more traditional societies, where a Putin in Russia or Viktor Orbán in Hungary, wins large popularity that Western globalists and leftists find mysterious. In the USA, it is much more divided, though Trump has the same kind of popularity amongst his half of the voters.

Slavskiy is inclined to think it is still mostly 'the same people' dominant in Russia as in the rest of Europe and the West, people linked with Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger and the WHO and readying central bank digital money and new 'vaccines' to inject. The Ukraine horror has been pushed for some purposes, but Slavskiy doubts there is a genuine full Russian 'opposition' to globalism in the longer run.

At 13 August 2023 at 12:34 , Blogger Unknown said...

I think this scientist is talking about 'breeding' individual proteins to optimise particular functions. She's not talking about 'breeding' entire species. She got her Nobel Prize for using modern PCR-based 'breeding' and screening technologies to develop proteins with improved capabilities, a platform technology which many of her proteges have used across a wide range of applications. She's not been doing anything like creating artificial sperm in a test tube!!

At 13 August 2023 at 13:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for making long comment posts, find these connections fascinating

Tried to make short version:

Alfabank - Schwab - Putin - Ukraine

photo - Alfabank's Fridman and Putin

- 1990 Israeli-Russian and Ukraine-born Mikhail Fridman (born 1964) founds Alfabank
- Alfabank becomes largest private bank in Russia, focal point for oligarchy ... Alfabanks in multiple countries including Ukraine
- Alfabank chief economist for a time in 90s is Thierry Malleret (born 1961) ... who then joins WEF to become Klaus Schwab main partner, co -author of Schwab 2020 book 'The Great Reset'
- Alfabank exec Vladislav Surkov (born 1962 or 64) is theatre maven with top political sales instincts, tapped to help oligarchs identify and promote new 'Russia President' to replace drunk Boris Yeltsin
- Russian media mogul Boris Berezovsky (1946-2013) joins with Alfabank and oligarchs to help 'new President of Russia' project
- Rapid oligarch decision that spy chief Vladimir Putin, largely unknown, will be new top man
- Alfabank's Surkov becomes 'Putin's Rasputin', like Steve Bannon for Trump ... creates image of 'strong populist leader' Putin which Berezovsky sells to Russian public ... Putin becomes President
- Surkov remains top advisor to Putin for two decades, sells 'populist leader Putin' image not only to Russians, but to people across the world, including many Western 'dissidents'
- Correctly sees 'populist sovereign leaders' as a growing thing, sees Trump, Orbán and others happen
- Surkov put in charge of Russian support for Donbass rebels in Ukraine, makes bad decisions ... 14,000 Russians die in attacks by Kiev government 2014-22, 'Minsk Peace Agreements' a fraud by the West ... his e-mails get 'hacked' by Ukies (or Western intel) ... Surkov fired by Putin in 2020, under house arrest in 2022
- 2022 conflict, Alfabanks change top personnel, Ukraine Alfabank renamed Sense Bank, Israeli-Russian Fridman briefly arresed in UK for sanctions violations ... Russia's Alfabank helps Russia, Ukraine's Alfabank / Sense Bank raises money for Ukraine

At 13 August 2023 at 23:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frances has one or more papers withdrawn under the academic fraud rubric, "reproduceability crisis". So there's that for the sleepless. On the other hand, why's she restricted her science to PCR?


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