Saturday 19 August 2023

BBC's Reflex Is Still To Cover Up


Child Abuse—BBC's Reflex Is Still To Cover Up

36:18 WhatDoTheyKnow: Failure to respond to news of child sex exploitation

WhatDoTheyKnow: Evidence to support statement about child sex exploitation 

WhatDoTheyKnow: Evidence to support Nazir Afzal's claim about a 2008 circular about CSE

WhatDoTheyKnow: Cover-up of Child Sex Exploitation by Sheffield City Council

(Facebook and Google?)

UK Column finding: Questions to the BBC about the release of child abuse data under Freedom of Information Act are quickly passed to the BBC's legal team.

BBC: Dame Elan Closs Stephens DBE

WhatDoTheyKnow: Blocking of the flow of information concerning child sex exploitation

BBC: Prosecutor Nazir Afzal: I couldn't defend a rapist

Mark Braithwaite (YouTube): Nazir Afzal—Carolyn Quinn—The FULL Interview (19 October 2018)


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