Wednesday 16 August 2023

Barrie Konicov - Good Health (2/2)


At 16 August 2023 at 20:16 , Anonymous Margi Bingley said...

Very helpful. I'll play that once a week. Hypno therapy has worked for me in the past. One trick I was taught was to stand superman pose looking at yourself in a mirror into your own eyes & say whatever you want yourself to be eg I AM strong, I AM healthy, I AM kind, I AM wise you get the idea. It's worked for me. Even a lump (thyroglosal cyst) that 3 top ENT surgeons all idependantly told me it had to be surgically removed. Guess what - it disappeared. I'd booked for surgery but he was so busy it was months later, by which time the lump had gone. He said 'How did you do it?" I said "Gargling salt water & mantras?" Of course he said "No that wouldn't do it." Well then if he's right miracles do happen.


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