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Former newspaper editor given suspended sentence for viewing child sexual abuse

9 hours ago

Former Independent on Sunday editor Peter Wilby viewed child abuse images online

11 hours ago

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Peter Wilby “argued in 2002 that ‘Jews no longer routinely suffer gross or violent discriminations; indeed, in the US and Europe at least, Jews today are probably safer than most minorities.’

“Wilby goes on to state that, in comparison with Jews, Muslims ‘lack power and influence in our society.’”

NS, Feb. 11, 2002


“With Wilby as editor, [the New Statesman became] ‘ever more critical of the Government, notably with the anti-American line he took after SEPTEMBER 11’”

“In February 2002, Wilby apologised and took personal responsibility for running the cover of the 14 January 2002 issue. 

It featured the headline, ‘A Kosher Conspiracy’ … concerning the alleged ZIONIST LOBBY IN BRITAIN and Tony Blair's appointment of Michael Levy as his special envoy in the Middle East. 

The NS cover was denounced [by the Blairites] as being antisemitic.”


[The New Statesman’s departing deputy editor, Christine Odone] “wants to reveal how ‘viciously’ and ‘wickedly’ the Blairites - from PETER MANDELSON to [Blairite journalists] - have acted …”

[Odone said:]: “‘The [Blairites] can’t stand the New Statesman because it is owned and edited by people who are quite old-fashioned Left …’”

“‘I’ve lost a lot of Jewish and American friends through the New Statesman …’”

“‘[BLAIR HAS] NEVER FORGIVEN US for printing the leaked advice from the Attorney General over the [Iraq war’s] legality …’”

“‘From the moment I arrived here, there were plots [by the Blairites] to alienate me and [Wilby] …’”


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