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Annabella Lwin


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Someone whose life touches upon several themes here, including profound ones -

A petite girl born in Burma in southeast Asia in 1966, Annabella Lwin - Buddhist name Myant Myant Aye - became an international pop singing star at age 14, the talented lead in the UK band Bow Wow Wow,

Her English mother had divorced her Burmese father and brought Annabella to northwest London, where at age 13 she was working on Saturday at a dry cleaners, and was overheard singing along with the radio, by a well-connected session musician, who introduced Annabella to Malcolm McLaren.

There was some controversy at the time from song lyrics and some nude photography of 14-year-old Annabella on recording covers, the photography perhaps more tasteful than the lyrics. 

Annabella's mother raised concerns of 'exploitation', and Scotland Yard looked into it, tho matters ultimately were allowed to stay as they were.

Looking at her website today, Annabella Lwin - now in her late 50s - has a big headline banner image which is a collage of photos from her career. She includes some of the early teen nudes there. They are part of her and her life, with which she is at peace.

And the second photo on the page is a Buddhist religious icon image, Annabella being clearly a spiritual person, involved with Buddhist charity work as well as music:

As a 20-ish boy I went to see Bow Wow Wow and young teen Annabella Lwin sing and dance on the stage. I was charmed, tho already a fan from hearing her on the radio. She struck me as sweet as well as self-aware of the tease in some of her song lyrics.

And I had no particular pondering about the nudes of Annabella on recording covers, the most famous photo being an artsy imitation of Édouard Manet’s 1862 masterpiece painting of an outdoor picnic, 'Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe'; I just thought she was pretty. But with one of the songs she did, 'Sexy Eiffel Tower', I do recall thinking that it was probably some silly older men who asked Annabella to make those rather sexual noises in the recording.

She was age 14, a 'new wave', somewhat punky pop heartthrob. Racy songs, racy photos ... was some of what was done over the line for an early teen girl? Perhaps ... yet grown-up, mature, very spiritual Annabella Lwin still lets us peek at those photos on her own web page.

Various racy images of early teen Annabella still headline YouTube videos of her hit songs with Bow Wow Wow:

Louis Quatorze
Sexy Eiffel Towers
See Jungle

One of the YouTube videos with Annabella Lwin is her performing in 2006 at around age 40 ... still rather like a teen star

additional biography page about Annabella Lwin


At 13 August 2023 at 06:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone like Annabella Lwin come out of that pop-star maelstrom and be a spiritual person

On her 'about - bio' web page, she speaks of her 'ongoing Buddhist practice' as well as the Buddhist charity work, and has a nice right-sidebar of images of her core values: 'freedom - peace - gentleness - generosity'

and she describes herself as having 'Burmese / Gypsy' heritage ... English mother a Roma / Romani woman?

Tho one funny thing, if you go to the large version of the religious image mentioned above on her site ... it turns out that the Buddha or spiritual sage face in the image, has been replaced with Annabella Lwin's own face LOL

This may not be quite in accord with Burmese authorities ... There was that New Zealander and two Burmese operating a bar in Myanmar, who went to jail for posting a playful 'Buddha with headphones' image to promote a drinks event at the bar


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