Tuesday 25 July 2023

Untouchables? Wootton ...

Murdoch and a spook? (Lebedev)

Dan Wootton is close to Rupert Murdoch who sees the BBC as being too symathetic to the Palestinians. 

The Wootton Affair: How one TV presenter was spared the humiliation of a national media witch hunt

Elevenses: The Wootton Affair

“If you haven’t heard about allegations concerning Dan Wootton in the past week, don’t be surprised … 

[In] contrast to the Huw] Edwards story which garnered 24 articles in the press in the first 24 hours after breaking, just one article appeared about Wootton in the same newspapers, despite the allegations being ‘more serious and more substantiated’ …

“The lack of coverage … has persisted, suggesting the GB News man has dodged the fate suffered by Edwards and Schofield at the hands of a bloodthirsty press …”


Elevenses: The Wootton Affair

The London Economic


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