Monday 17 July 2023

Store closures

Unknown commented -

Hundreds more store closures on the horizon:

We can probably assume the closure of all remaining Argos and Iceland stores within the next 3-4 years, together with the permanent shuttering of countless more M&S, John Lewis and Boots stores, gift shops, card sellers, stationery shops, toy shops, local post offices, bank branches, small pharmacies, and on and on.

For this we can thank -

The retail monopolies and their friends in government, Google and Microsoft, who help them escape taxes and normal competition;

The series of disastrous lockdowns

the U.K. government’s setting of sky-high business rates; 

Consumers unwilling or unable to leave their screens to walk or drive, combined with Britain’s dismal and overpriced trains and buses;

(In conjunction with the climate scam) the relentless push by all parties and the property developers to convert city and town centre property and brownfield sites into characterless shoebox apartments and Europe’s most cramped new townhomes and terraces without frontage… 

Shrinking the supply of retail space and creating future overcrowding; the British mindset that quality independent shops, professional (and properly recompensed) retail staff, and human interaction are now to be considered ‘unaffordable luxuries’ together with all food items that aren’t delivered by a supermarket; 

And the US-Israel-U.K.-Nato-EU Perpetual War Machine that drives up prices and eats up our taxes and incomes in the murderous pursuit of wealth, power, and control.


At 17 July 2023 at 23:42 , Blogger Unknown said...

I'm not sure I totally agree with this. My experience in life is that just when the new paradigm goes 'mainstream', the old one starts to re-emerge in more niche ways. The vegetable box market is a direct-to-customer initiative that enriches entrepreneurial farmers/market gardeners and provides healthy food to purchasers. I bought fresh fruit, tomatoes and mushrooms yesterday from a pop up store selling outside Uxbridge tube station. It was doing very good business. Farmers are selling meat direct to customers now, delivering direct to their doorsteps.

The median customer may be going to Amazon, but people like me never buy from Amazon unless there is no other choice. Never.


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