Wednesday 19 July 2023

Kevin Spacey, Ghislaine Maxwell


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Four charges of indecent assault against Kevin Spacey dropped

'Kevin Spacey has had four charges removed from the indictment in his sex abuse case.
He had been facing 12 allegations against four male complainants.'

* This ‘show trial’ is designed to clear the name of Ghislaine Maxwell’s, Lady de Rothschild’s, Lord Mandelson’s and Bill Clinton’s friend, once and for all?

While Ghislaine Maxwell was made the sole scapegoat (assuming it’s really GM in the Florida prison, and not a bodydouble or a narrative condition), most of the rest of Epstein’s alleged ‘gang’ — his accomplices, ‘groupies’, money men, and in some cases his handlers — continue to prance around the globe scot-free.


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