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JEWS versus IRAN

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( Part 3 ) 

At least a decade prior to the 1979 “revolution” Israeli intelligence had infiltrated Iran’s security apparatus under the pretense of cooperation against the twin menaces of communism and pan Arabism – both of which of course were invented by Jews.

It was Islam that was the Jews’ oldest and most formidable weapon against greater Iran.

Jews invented Islam. 

That’s why it calls for Tasleem, meaning surrender, and penalizes anyone who leaves the religion. 

Islam was designed as a devotional army serving the ultimate Jewish goal of invading the great Persian empire. 

Much later the Jews also invented the myth of king Cyrus saving them or the myth of Purim in order to self-aggrandize and back date themselves as an ancient people, which they are not.

Iranian archeology and historical artifacts all disprove any notion of a “Jewish” people. 

It’s only in the first century A.D. that any sign of Jewish practices appear and even those practices can’t be considered evidence of a separate group as they were common in the Arabian peninsula. 

Practices like veiling women or circumcision (of men and women!) were prevalent in North Africa and Arabian peninsula and thus Arab Jews incorporated them into Judaism and then into Islam. However, 1400 years ago, at the advent of Islam, the ideology was definitively a Jewish script for capture and decimation of the vast Iranian civilization.

Islam and even Arabic and upon it Hebrew were formed using the very labor and talent of Iranians. 

For example Iranian linguists like Sibouye were forced to create the Arabic grammar, as Arabic and Hebrew were oral languages at the time.

A century prior to the invasion of Iran, Arab Jews had become rich merchants via rampant acts of banditry. 

They stole from the caravans traveling on the ancient Silk Road. These “merchants” later infiltrated Iran and one century later prepared their Arab army in the Arabian peninsula. Since then Jews have used Islam as a weapon up until when they fully captured Iran’s government in 1979.

By the 1950s, Zionists had enacted all necessary prerequisites for the Islamification of current Iran as the last frontier of greater Iran. As you may have observed, in almost every century the Jews have convinced every empire they infiltrated to invade yet another part of greater Iran. Hence why persistent attacks against Iran have partitioned historic portions of Iran, including today’s Iraq (Baghdad was greater Iran’s capital for 800 years!) who despite their political veneer still identify with Iran as their linguistic, genetic and cultural ancestor.


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A further motive for Jews to sponsor the invention of Islam as well as Christianity, was that the Byzantine Greek Constantinople side of the Roman Empire, kept its bad memories of conflict with Jews, and placed strong restrictions on Jews in Byzantine public life.

Before the Romans took Palestine, the post-Alexander Greeks ruling there fought their own battles with the Jews. The Greeks tried to ban circumcision which they found a disgusting evil violation of the natural human physical form. The Jewish side of this struggle is recorded in the Books of the Maccabees' found in some bibles, and is memoralised in the Jewish Hanukah celebration.

Byzantine Christians ruling over Palestine, placed restrictions on Jewish life, banning them from government and education throughout the empire.

Islam's Prophet Mohammed would have been in regular contact with Jewish traders as he did business in major regional urban centre Damascus, and one of his wives was Jewish ... it is suggested that Jews used Mohammed to make a war-like religion that would serve Jewish interests, much as Saul-Paul of Tarsus helped create Christianity 600 years earlier.

The armies of Mohammed, aided by Jews, indeed quickly put an end to Byzantine Christian discrimination against Jews, making Jews a special protected class in any lands that Muslims conquered.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972) quite praised the Byzantine idea, adding that he thought Jews should also be banned from banking as well as government and education. Some also add a fourth category, medicine and pharma - given how Jewish doctors have convinced many American gentile parents to circumcise their children, with several hundred babies a year dying from the procedure.

People are perhaps permanently harmed, both psychologically and physically, from genital mutilation. French Jew Guy Dommergue (1924-2013) thought genital mutilation helped make people, and Jews in particular, psychopathic. Young males today on 4chan /pol/, rage about having mutilated genitals, due to these schemes.

The Byzantine discrimination of Jews, and Ezra Pound's ideas, were discussed by Eustace Mullins (1923-2010) in his 1968 book, 'A New History of the Jews'.

To this day, some Jews admit that Islam is more congenial to Jews than Christianity. Muslim countries were before 1948 generally more supportive of Jews, avoiding the explusions that occurred so many times in Europe. A religious Jew is generally allowed to go into a mosque, but not into a church with its 'forbidden' icons and images.

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Study: Children born in lockdown ‘have poorer communication skills’

The study – carried out by a team led by Susan Byrne, senior lecturer at the RCSI, and Jonathan Hourihane, the RCSI’s professor of paediatrics – focused on babies born in the first three months of lockdown


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