Wednesday 26 July 2023

How can they?

Anonymous asserts...

4 of my anti vaccine friends are now dead from Covid 19. 

None of my fully vaccinated friends died from Covid 19 - most are over 70. 

My anti vaccine friends, in the beginning would not allow me near them because I was vaccinated.

They said I was shedding the virus (which I was not), they also told me I was going to die within 3 months, then when I didn't it became a year, when I didn't it became 3 years - and I am still healthy & happy. 

When we took a flight to Uluru (Ayers Rock) recently my anti vaccine friend wore a mask on the flight she was so frightened. Me? Fully vaccinated - not a worry in the world. Billions of people have been fully vaccinated and don't bother to keep reminding anyone - only the anti vaccine movement is going on and on and on about it.

What do you think?

Unknown commented 

How can these 'celebrity' fanatics live with themselves?

“If you haven’t seen the remarkable short film, UK Covid – 1984 Step 4 – The Unvaccinated, released a few days ago, you must …

“And yes, these people – Esther Rantzen, Iain Dale, Tony Blair, Edwina Currie, Boris Johnson, Nick Ferrari, Jonathan Van-Tam, Jeremy Vine and Andrew Neil – really did say and write these things …

"[They] engaged themselves to parrot a script prepared by an arm of our government … to deliver a policy of fear …

“Anything that did not adopt their narrative was labelled ‘disinformation’. It mattered not if alternative views came from Nobel Prize-winning scientists and/or the most significant professors in various fields of medicine …

“I am left feeling … pretty hollow at the thought that this filthy propaganda was prepared and broadcast in my country …”


Unknown commented on "Fairbairn, Fornethy, Scotland,"

Fight back against the dictatorship

“In 2020, 1 per cent of the population of England and Wales died. In 2021, it was 0.98 per cent. The average from 1945 to 2000 was 1.18 per cent.

“There never was anything like a ‘deadly pandemic’ …

“To promote future jab uptake, which is certainly what they are planning, [they have] options …

“[For example] invent another Covid-19 type, and SCRAP INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS SO THAT JABBING IS MANDATORY …

“It is my belief that they … will construct some ‘moral imperative’ that trumps the sanctity of individual freedoms and rights enshrined in the UN Constitution …

“So passively resist …”

Unknown commented on "UK Covid - 1984 Step 4 - The Unvaccinated"

Margi Bingley 20 September 2019

Thank you. As a SCUBA diver of 33 years I've watched the beauty of the equatorial reef systems diminish. Half of them have gone in the last 30 years. I've witnessed that.

When in El Nido, Palawan Islands, PPN it was disheartening to observe the '57 best dive sites in the world' according to Jaques Cousteau - gone. The giant coral he spoke of and filmed were not there in 2005.

I asked the dive guides to take me to the BIG coral. He replied - "the ocean temperature has risen 2 deg. killing the coral. Then we had a typhoon with strong ocean currents and that broke it up."

Not one of my Sydney high society friends SCUBA dived. So when I bought this topic up on my return they were totally disinterested.

When in Sri Lanka I saw the coral reef system had been removed by the locals for construction use. That area was where the most people died from the Boxing Day tsunami. Where the reefs were in tact nobody died.

I stayed in a hotel that was protected by the reef.

That is what people don't get. Everything is connected. Some of nature protects us. As we destroy nature we will become more exposed.

THANKS MARGI. Sorry to hear about your dead antivax friends. Try using a different writing style next time.


At 26 July 2023 at 05:04 , Blogger Unknown said...

I'm not a friend, I'm not vaccinated either. My health is absolutely excellent. I worked for 10 years as a molecular virology researcher and, at that time, knew every piece of research of relevance going on. I know how to read 'peer-reviewed publications' and I know exactly how the publication game is used to distort results for big headlines. I know with certainty that you can't test a vaccine in 100 days, and never will be able to do. I know that mRNA platforms had never seen a human being before 2020 and I also know that criminal negligence is associated with using a totally unproven technology on 5 billion people without several years of clinical trials. I can also say with absolute certitude that SARS-CoV2 did not represent any form of existential threat to humanity. None whatsoever....


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