Thursday 20 July 2023

Facebook full of scammers?

Facebook is full of scammers?

Bea Candara  doesn't recommend Harlifabubakari foundation.

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'This foundation does not exist; it is not registered in Uganda!

'This dude uses images of sick children to extort money.

'He even lies in the descriptions. 

'The case of a girl who suffers from the genetic skin disease Ichthyosis Vulgaris described as a case of scald that her stepmother allegedly scalded her with hot porridge, which is total bullsh*t, because the girl has never been scalded, but she suffers from a genetic skin disease. And in the comments he also wrote that she is suffering from cancer. Bullsh*t. 

'People, do not donate to him any money, because he preys on seriously ill children for his own gain! He is scammer and liar!'


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