Friday 28 July 2023



Giorgos Mahimaris, the mayor of North Corfu, told the state news agency APA-MPA that the fire was the result of arson.

He said he made the assessment after visiting three locations where fires broke out on Mount Pantokratoras. He said no properties were damaged in the blaze, which was attended by two helicopters and two firefighting planes.

Theofanis Skembris, deputy mayor of North Corfu, told the BBC the fire service believes the blazes were arson.

Greece: Wildfires on Corfu started by arsonists, officials claim


At 28 July 2023 at 09:14 , Blogger Unknown said...

What a surprise - the nutcases have gone over the edge, with the UN fool talking about 'climate boiling' now. It says how desperate they are that they have to start fires everywhere and then claim it's due to climate change .

At 28 July 2023 at 16:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spooky death of Barack Obama's chef Tafari Campbell in a shallow pond near Obama's estate in Martha's Vineyard island, Massachusetts

Numerous oddities and claims are emerging, and the official story has been changing

Allegedly this is a 'paddleboarding accident', in water said to be around 8 feet - less than 3 metres - deep ... even tho Cambell had been on social media discussing his swimming lessons in recent years

A 2nd 'someone' was also in the pond paddle-boarding, and 'tried to save Campbell' ... but the name is so far a police secret. Obama himself?

There was a story the emergency call came from the Obama residence
There is another story the call came from two miles away

The police log for the area, lists the emergency calls of the day ... in every other case there is a standard police note about the reason for the call ... however the line is blank for the call re the Obama chef 'drowning'.

Photo of Tafari Campbell with the police log

'Tafari Campbell paddle boarding death riddle: Cops left call log reporting Obama private chef's drowning BLANK and said it came from 2 miles away - as they refuse to reveal who he was with on the water'

'Tafari Campbell’s Death Mystery Deepens: Police Leave Call Log Detailing Obama’s Private Chef’s Drowning BLANK – Call was Made Two Miles from Obama’s Residence Contradicting Initial Report'

Even stronger claims and suspicions have been voiced by 'CBK News' on Twitter, screenshots at links below
- That the hands and body of dead chef Campbell showed signs of defending himself 'body covered in small cuts and abrasions'
- Obama's hand was seen bandaged after the death of the chef - photo here
- Obama was able to convince authorities to not do a full autopsy

A blogger, Dr Ann Kreilkamp, lists some of these claims along with wondering what is true or not, given we know little about 'CBK News'

There is a major previous public accusation, that a man allegedly Obama's gay lover, was murdered in order to help Obama become President in 2008

Larry Sinclair is a man who claims he had gay sex with Obama in the past, in 2009 he published a book
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