Monday 12 June 2023

White House mandates masks, distancing for unvaccinated

The White House is still mandating masking and social distancing for those who aren't vaccinated against COVID-19.

White House mandates masks, distancing for unvaccinated


At 12 June 2023 at 12:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fake news. The White House staffers were amongst a very small group of Americans who were officially exempt from CV19 vaccines. Therefore, going on that assertion, an extremely high and disproportionate number of White House employees won't be vaccinated.

Equally, the same number would also be aware of the true nature of Operation Warpspeed. Despite the glaringly obvious that if no so called enforcement is required, it is therefore unenforceable.

I'm calling fake news on this one. Maybe they'd hoped that people would have forgotten about their exemption.

At 12 June 2023 at 14:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are USA elites suddenly allowing multiple right-wing victories? (2 of 2)

Understanding elite hate for Trump
USA elites impeach the Presidents who balk at wars, merely being pro-Israel etc is not enough
- G W Bush or Obama readily signed for bombings and deadly military attacks, so no problem for them
- 1970s Richard Nixon ended Vietnam war, made peace with China ... was impeached & resigned
- 1990s Bill Clinton, tho debauched and corrupt, but balked at bombing Serbia ... so Monica Lewinsky, impeachment, Clinton 'acquitted' and then bombed Serbia as ordered
2010s Trump, tho debauched, corrupt, sell-out, pro-Israel etc ... but he was 1st US president since 1970s Jimmy Carter not to start a new war ... arguing about bombing, Trump preferred to do meetings, throw money around, 'make deals' as with Kim Jong Un in North Korea ... so he was impeached ... and they are hounding him endlessly now

DeSantis is cleverly positioned ... 'Mr Freedom' with his anti-lockdown, anti-vax-mandate history, better than Trump ... 'protecting children' with limitations on woke culture, child gender change, lgbt in classrooms etc ... supporting 'traditional' culture' as the right wing prefers

DeSantis a rival to Trump rather than 'anti-Trump' ... DeSantis correctly notes that Obama, Hillary, Biden all also had loose 'classified document' problems but were never criminally charged ... So DeSantis can say, 'vote for me and I will pardon Trump'

Yet DeSantis - formerly stationed at Guantanamo amidst torture - has the neocon support, the funding, old Bush people backing him ... he would be the new USA 'war' president ... and under him, conservative men will be much more comfortable in enlisting in uniform


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