Thursday 29 June 2023

ISIS plot

'CIA plot' to carry out large-scale atrocity in the UK using British terrorists is uncovered by Iraqi intelligence after they carried out raid in a desert hideout

British-based 'CIA terrorists' have been making plans for an atrocity on a major public gathering, according to Iraq's chief counter terror officer General Abdul Wahab al-Saadi.
The general said: 'We discovered that the UK is the next target outside Iraq. I can tell you that from the information we found at the site of one of our recent raids the next intended terror attack will be in the United Kingdom.'

'ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (Simon Elliot)  is Jewish and was trained by the Mossad.'


At 29 June 2023 at 04:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rolo Slavskiy:

"There is now a video put out by the state media of Putin going out to meet his commoner supporters in Moscow.

Igor 'Strelkov' Girkin comments:
'A person vaguely resembling the president (and not at all requiring compliance with the two-week quarantine necessary to get an appointment with the president) walked around.'

"Putin has many body-doubles, and he has been caught appearing in three places at once before thanks to a scheduling error on the part of his secretaries.

"Saddam Hussein famously had many doubles making appearances on his behalf. So did Hillary Clinton and now, President Joe Biden, who is commonly referred to simply as 'The Bidens'. This practice goes back all the way to Winston Churchill at least and probably back further. I don’t understand why the masses believe that politicians routinely using body-doubles is a 'conspiracy theory'.


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