Friday 30 June 2023

Facebook, Meta, porn

Facebook did not respond to our most recent report of child abuse images on its site...

Is META/Facebook Embracing the Porn Industry?

Meta taskforce to combat trade
of child sex abuse materials ...

How Facebook and Instagram

became marketplaces for ...

Facebook has a porn problem, and it's live

22 May 2023 — Several Facebook handles are misusing the platform's live streaming feature to broadcast pornographic content.

Will Facebook respond to our most recent report of child abuse images on its site ...


At 30 June 2023 at 04:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

SPACEY ON TRIAL: Kevin Spacey is ‘sexual bully’

*** Let’s see how successfully this “trial” glosses over (or entirely omits) the fact that Kevin Spacey was a very close friend indeed of Ghislaine Maxwell, Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Lord Peter Mandelson, and Bill Clinton.

Not coincidentally, the very same group of 5 allegedly heavily implicated in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking and pedophilia honey-trapping and kompromat operation.

At 30 June 2023 at 04:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The very fact that Kevin Spacey has made himself available in the United Kingdom to be tried — apparently *voluntarily* — would suggest he believes the trial could work in his favour.

Either by declaring him “not guilty” by virtue of a technicality or “insufficient evidence”, or by finding him guilty only on a relatively “minor” charge — with any small “punishment” likely to be outweighed by the potential benefits to his ailing career from the publicity the trial generates.

(While the major film and TV studios and production companies may never touch Spacey again, and this trial is likely to reinforce that, any publicity from the trial that his agent can spin into a fable of “martyrdom” may help Spacey secure future work in small Indy productions. And/or, bolster his ability to generate revenue through private businesses or online ventures).

It’s possible Spacey may even have reason to believe that the whole trial is to be a “show trial” with a predetermined outcome. Let’s hope not.

But realistically, Spacey could have fled to a jurisdiction without an extradition agreement if he thought for one second that this trial could do him or his finances any harm.


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