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'Rumours swirled about New York’s cultural elite holding private screenings of real murders. 

'Which were pretty much confirmed when Alan Dershowitz came out to defend their right to do so as a civil liberty provided the screening were private and the victims killed overseas.' 

This is supposed to be Dutroux in prison. But the nose is wrong.

Dutroux centre. Link to Madeleine McCann?

'It was reported Belgian authorities had been looking into a possible connection between the Spartacus network and one linked to Belgian 'serial killer' Marc Dutroux.17 18 19

'Prior to what transpired in the 1990s, Stamford's Spartacus network had been linked quite concretely to another high profile case concerning the investigation into a child brothel called the Elm Guest House in 1982.

John Fay and Mary Moss claimed Kasir had shown them a photograph of an ex-cabinet minister naked with boys in a sauna at the Elm Guest House, and stated Kasir had said other high ranking government officials had also been captured on film there.

Leon Brittan (right)

The cabinet minister in question had been Leon Brittan.

At one time, Brittan was the cabinet minister responsible for the police and MI5.

Harvey Proctor is suspected of having links to MI5

The Mary Moss notes contained the names of the VIPs who had allegedly visited the Elm Guest House. Among these were MP Ronald Brown, MP Harvey Proctor, Royal staffer Anthony Blunt, barrister Colin Peters,45 as well as the aforementioned Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan. 

'A retired magistrate solicitor named Vishambar Mehrotra, whose son Vishal had disappeared within a mile of the Elm Guest House in 1981, claimed he’d been contacted shortly after his son's disappearance by a male prostitute who said his son may have been taken to the Elm Guest House and murdered by a group of “highly placed” pedophiles. 

'The father said he’d relayed this information to police at the time but they'd refused to investigate.46

'Another boy named Martin Allen had also gone missing not far from the Elm Guest House two year earlier in 1979.' 

'... members of the Thatcher government. Such as her private secretary Peter Morrison - an alleged pedophile, deputy-director of MI6 Peter Hayman - a known pedophile, as well Home Secretary Leon Brittan...

'A customs official named Maganlal Solanki told Operation Fernbridge detectives they had stopped Leon Brittan at the port of Dover in the late 1980s travelling into the UK from Amsterdam with child pornography in his car.60

'In December 2014 it was reported two informants of the Operation Fernbridge investigation claimed Warwick Spinks had hosted an unnamed British MP(the insinuation being Leon Brittan) at a brothel in Amsterdam called the Blue Boy, where an orgy had been filmed during which a boy had been killed in their presence.



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