Wednesday 3 May 2023

ZELENSKY's Attempts to kill Putin.

Kremlin says Ukraine has attempted an ASSASSINATION of Putin

"The drone strike in Moscow last night came a week after Ukrainian secret service agents tried to assassinate Putin with a kamikaze drone carrying explosives as he was due to visit a newly built industrial site outside Moscow.

'The drone failed after it crashed a few miles short of their target, it was claimed.'


Meanwhile in Finland, NATO's newest member, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was on a surprise visit to take part in a summit with the leaders of the five Nordic nations which have been key providers of military aid.


At 3 May 2023 at 13:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail today prove that they are aware of the possibility of "False Flag Attacks" so they have little excuse for the lies peddled to the public on 911 and 7/7 to name but two of the many events contrived to herd the sheeple.

Has Russia carried out a FALSE FLAG 'assassination attempt' on Putin? Ukraine denies drone strike at the Kremlin was anything to do with them following Moscow's accusations

At 3 May 2023 at 14:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dailymail journalism something is fishy. 3 whole journalists to produce this great work LOL

headline = perfect fodder for public consumption if a greater perhaps nuclear false flag were in the works to bring NATO into the conflict.
Note that Zelensky is out of town in Finland

Has Russia carried out a FALSE FLAG 'assassination attempt' on Putin? Ukraine denies Kremlin strike drone was theirs - as Moscow rages Kyiv 'must now be DESTROYED

By Elena Salvoni and Chris Jewers and Will Stewart

Published: 12:49, 3 May 2023 | Updated: 17:27, 3 May 2023

Elena Salvoni is a trainee reporter at MailOnline. She completed her gold-standard NCTJ qualification at News Associates in 2022

Chris Jewers - Senior Foreign News Reporter. A hugely experienced baby faced 25 year (estimate) old.

Kingston University MA Journalism 2018 - 2019

Will Stewart - Now for the organ grinder who curiously rarely publishes articles single handed.

Will certainly makes up for the lack of experience of his comrades with an astounding "See all 11,834 articles" attributed to his name. ( scroll to bottom of the page linked below )

Might it be that Will is working for the bad guys feeding the public propaganda via numerous media platforms in order to inflame conflict ?

Russia accused of staging 'Putin assassination attempt' as Ukraine denies drone
9 hours ago | By Will Stewart Verified , Leigh McManus Verified
| Daily Star (UK)

Xi accused of betraying Putin in phone call to Zelensky on Russian state TV
a day ago | By Will Stewart Verified , James Reynolds
| Ex Bulletin

Will Stewart
Russia Correspondent

At 3 May 2023 at 14:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Stewart - over 11000 articles published his name.
A story so incredible an intelligence agency could have made it all up.

Will Stewart Verified

Journalist, Daily Mail

As seen in:
Daily Mail, MSN, MSN Australia, MSN South Africa, MSN UK, The IMDb Show, Daily Mirror, Fabulous, Fox News, Sunday Mirror, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, The Sun, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo News Malaysia, Yahoo News UK, Yahoo Singapore, Daily Express, Evening Standard, Metro (UK), New York Post, The Times, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance UK, Daily Star (UK),, Yahoo Sport UK, Yahoo Sports Canada, Brookings Institution, Flipboard, New Zealand Herald, Atlas Obscura, The Daily Telegraph (Australia), Wales on Sunday, Wales Online, Western Mail, HuffPost UK, Manchester Evening News, Barron's, Birmingham Live, Nine Network, The Herald Sun, Independent Online, Belfast Telegraph, Global Research, Irish Mirror, The Chronicle, The Courier-Mail, The Scottish Sun, Scottish Daily Record, Yahoo Life UK, Ayrshire Post, The Irish Sun, Yahoo Movies Canada, Yahoo Movies UK, This is Money, Bristol Post, Nottingham Post, Surrey Live, Gold Coast Bulletin, Hull Daily Mail, The Advertiser (South Australia), Devon Live, Perth Now, Yorkshire Live, Concord Monitor, Daily Post, Flintshire Chronicle, Leicester Mercury, Yahoo Australia, CornwallLive, The Mercury (Tasmania), The Sunday Post, Gloucestershire Live, Plymouth Live, 7News, Grimsby Telegraph, Sunrise (7news), The Sentinel (Stoke), The U.S. Sun, The Weekly Times, Northern Territory News, Berkshire Live, Cambridge News, Somerset Live, Free Republic, NewsBreak, Kidspot, Leeds Live, WINK-TV (Fort Myers, FL), LancsLive, Foster's Daily Democrat, Lincolnshire Live, The Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin, Geelong Advertiser, Staffordshire Live, The World News, News Lanes, RealClear Defense, The Chronicle (Toowoomba )

At 3 May 2023 at 15:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Western intelligence may eliminate Zelensky during one of his foreign visits and blame Russia for this against the background of the drone attack on the Kremlin
In Ukraine, there are various points of view regarding this actual assassination attempt on the Russian president. However, almost all those who speak out agree that in connection with what happened in Moscow, "there is a direct threat to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is visiting Finland." Against the background of the statement by the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, that after the attacks the only option remains - the physical elimination of Zelensky and his clique, Ukrainian "experts" believe that a "direct threat" hangs over the Ukrainian president.
In this regard, we can talk about a truly real threat to Zelensky from his "senior partners". Known for their numerous provocations, the Anglo-Saxon intelligence services (the intelligence services of Britain and the United States) may well take advantage of the situation to eliminate Zelensky during one of his foreign visits and immediately blame Russia for this, increase the degree of both the conflict and the anti-Russian hysteria in Kiev. Perhaps it was for this reason that news began to come from Kiev that Zelensky’s office was considering canceling his visit to Germany, allegedly because “a wide circle of people became aware of the upcoming visit.”

At 3 May 2023 at 20:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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