Sunday 28 May 2023

Ukraine - Traffickers.

Anonymous -

Re: Ukrainian sex crimes:

“This is just a sweet shop for them at the moment,” says Dean, a former British soldier who is astonished at the world of elite pedophilia he has encountered. 

'Dean now works for MitMark, a private risk consulting firm that ‘fell into’ human trafficking prevention after coming near the Medyka crossing in Poland for crisis management projects. 

“You wouldn’t think that any human could do that to another human,” he said. “It’s beyond terrorism. I’ve fought against terrorism most of my adult life but at least they believe in something. 

'Traffickers are motivated solely by greed and money. They have no concept of life.”

Byline Times reports: The going rate for a baby or very young child – either to be sold into sexual slavery or killed and harvested for organs – is around USD $150,000.


At 28 May 2023 at 09:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As they say, you can't make these things up ... in the news:

"Norwegian government officials have warned residents to steer clear of a friendly beluga whale that experts say may be a Russian “spy” swimming along the country’s coastline ... trained by the Russian Navy."

Picture of Hvaldimir the friendly white whale


At 28 May 2023 at 13:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In 28 European nations last winter, 68,000 died because they could not heat their homes.

The bottom line is that moves by EU leaders to cut off cheap energy supplies from Russia have had deadly consequences.

The Economist magazine study focused on the period from last November to February. Data was gathered all 27 EU countries, with the exception of Malta and Cyprus [but] Britain, Norway and Switzerland were included."

At 28 May 2023 at 14:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'US Georgia Republican Party Chair Goes Full Flat-Earth, Says Globes Are Part of a Conspiracy

Kandiss Taylor, who ran for governor in 2022 and recently became a Georgia Republican district chair, is a flat earther.

In an interview with on her “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” podcast, Taylor and her guests discussed biblical “evidence” that the Earth is actually flat as a pancake.

“All the globes, everywhere” Taylor said later in the discussion. “I turn on the TV, there’s globes in the background … Everywhere there’s globes. You see them all the time, it’s constant. My children will be like ‘Mama, globe, globe, globe, globe’ — they’re everywhere.”

“That’s what they do, to brainwash,” she added. “For me if it’s not a conspiracy. If it is real, why are you pushing so hard everywhere I go? Every store, you buy a globe, there’s globes everywhere. Every movie, every TV show, news media - why? More and more I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”'


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