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UK Column News 24 May 2023


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A great Climate Hoax video. Real scientists blow a hole through the climate trash alarmists and their fake science.

Too many scuba divers with political narratives spreading their hoax science and fake facts.

It turns out that through ice core sampling that the earth was 1.5c warmer thousands of years ago. Clownworld clearly won't allow real science to crash the party.

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Dear Marianna Spring (age 27)  and experienced colleagues at BBC Verify we seek the truth and need your help.

CEO of BBC news used to work for US based NBC
Deborah Turness is back in London after her achievements running NBC News in New York. She tells Tara Conlan what’s next

Deborah Turness greets me in the top-floor café of NBCUniversal’s UK HQ, which looks out over London’s rooftops. This is appropriate as NBC News took a 25% stake in Euro­news in February in order to “change the landscape of international news”, as Turness’s boss, Andrew Lack, put it.

He said that, for years, NBC News had “wanted to establish a global reach”, and Turness was moving from being President of NBC News to do just that – to become the first President of NBC News International and oversee content for the new Euronews NBC.

The channel, founded in 1993 by the European Broadcasting Union, will use NBC’s resources (an undisclosed financial investment plus all its network) alongside those of its major stakeholder, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, to expand. Based in Lyon, Euronews broadcasts in 12 languages to around 3.3 million European viewers daily and reaches more than 160 countries.

A new network of correspondents is being built up, to be followed by the station’s first anchored “global feed”.

But why Euronews? And how has Turness fared since she stepped down as editor of ITV News in 2013 to cross the Atlantic?......more

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Rest in peace


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