Saturday 27 May 2023

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A toxic witches brew of all the worst aspects of marxist methodology and fascism. left wing/right wing in the present being a false dichotomy fed to the masses to facilitate change via the faux democratic stageshow.

All political parties support the same policies of US GLOBALISM e.g. authoritarian tyranny and censorship, more war, Net Zero, Health tyranny / Cull, Biological experimentation on the public

The UK’s Telegraph Criticizes the Pandemic Treaty and the W.H.O. itself/ by insider Karol Sikora


At 27 May 2023 at 09:41 , Blogger Unknown said...

So basically, the USA has complete contempt for human life, human safety and all international treaties covering biological weaponry. They are a rogue nation, unworthy of any role in any international organisation which has reputable values and morals. The USA has silently declared war on Russia and other nations and there should be severe consequences for that.....

At 28 May 2023 at 05:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Ukrainian sex crimes: "“This is just a sweet shop for them at the moment,” says Dean, a former British soldier who is astonished at the world of elite pedophilia he has encountered. Dean now works for MitMark, a private risk consulting firm that ‘fell into’ human trafficking prevention after coming near the Medyka crossing in Poland for crisis management projects. “You wouldn’t think that any human could do that to another human,” he said. “It’s beyond terrorism. I’ve fought against terrorism most of my adult life but at least they believe in something. Traffickers are motivated solely by greed and money. They have no concept of life.”

Byline Times reports: The going rate for a baby or very young child – either to be sold into sexual slavery or killed and harvested for organs – is around USD $150,000.


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