Wednesday 24 May 2023

Child Migration - King Charles

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King Charles urged to intervene over ‘insulting’ child sexual abuse payments

“King Charles has been urged to intervene after the Prince’s Trust, the youth charity he founded, said it would pay compensation of just £2,000 each to child survivors of sexual abuse.

“The settlement has been offered to hundreds of British children who were removed from poor working-class families or care homes by the UK government in the last century and sent to ‘farm schools’ in Australia and Canada for ‘opportunity and education’ and then suffered sexual abuse.

“The Prince’s Trust is legally liable for the survivors’ claims because it took over Fairbridge, a UK-focused charity whose previous iteration ran the farm schools, in 2012.

“Although the UK high court last year put the value of the Fairbridge survivors’ claims at around £204,0000 each, administrators for the redress scheme have told survivors they will receive about 1% of that figure because ‘insufficient moneys’ have been set aside for the claims by the Prince’s Trust.

“The payment was called ‘outrageous and grossly unfair’ and an ‘insult’ by survivors’ representatives …”

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What links the Prince’s Trust to historical UK child migration schemes?

The Fairbridge Society [merged] with the Trust in 2012

“The Fairbridge Society was one of the most prominent operators of the UK child migration programmes. It was set up in 1909 … Its early supporters included the then Prince of Wales – later King Edward VIII – who donated £1,000 to Fairbridge in 1934, declaring: ‘This is not charity. It is an imperial investment.’ Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, donated £2,000 of her wedding gift to Fairbridge in 1948.

Reports of abuse and maltreatment at Fairbridge and other homes and schools for migrant children began to emerge after the second world war. The UK Home Office attempted to blacklist some of the schools in the mid-1950s, but its plans were sidelined after lobbying by powerful individuals, including HRH the Duke of Gloucester, at the time the president of the society.

“The child migrant schemes gradually fell out of favour, though some operated until as late as 1980 …

“By 2017, when the former British prime minister Gordon Brown described child migrant schemes to the UK’s independent inquiry on child sexual abuse as ‘government-induced trafficking’, the full scale of the scandal was widely known …”


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