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"The diary was published in the Netherlands as Het Achterhuis in 1947. It was first published in Germany and France in 1950, and was first published in the United Kingdom in 1952." - Anne Frank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Nazi Holocaust did take place. But what about Anne Frank?

Anne Frank is supposed to have written a diary.

Professor Arthur Butz of Northwestern University says 'I have looked over the diary and don't believe (its authenticity)'. (Anne Frank's Diary - Some Honest Questions)

Dr Robert Faurisson of the University of Lyons believes the Anne Frank saga is a politically inspired concoction to support Zionism. (Anne Frank's Diary - Some Honest Questions)

Herman Rosenblat's book Angel at the Fence was apparently a fraud. (Holocaust survivor's love story exposed as a fraud - Telegraph)

Rosenblat claimed he was due to die in the gas chambers at Theresienstadt at 10am on 10 May 1945.

On 15 February 2009, The Observer reports (When one life story is not enough):

"Herman Rosenblat is not the first person to write a fake Holocaust memoir.."

What about Anne Frank?

The Franks were upper class German Jews. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

In 1909, the 20 year old Otto went to New York City where he stayed with his relatives, the Oppenheimers.

Anne was born in 1929.

In 1934, Otto and his family moved to Amsterdam.

On May 1940, after the Germans occupied Amsterdam, Otto remained in that city while his mother and brother moved to Switzerland.

Otto's firm 'did business with the German Wehrmacht'. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

'By supplying the Wehrmacht, Otto Frank became, in the eyes of the Dutch, a Nazi collaborator'. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

While he was allegedly in hiding, Otto Frank still managed his business. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

In 1944, German authorities decided that Otto Frank had been swindling them. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

Otto was sent to Auschwitz and survived the war.

Anne reportedly died of typhus in a camp.

Meip Geis

In 1945, Otto returned to Amsterdam, where he claimed he found Anne's diary hidden in rafters.

A Dutch friend, Meip Geis, says that it was she who found Anne's diary. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

The 'diary' reportedly begins on June 12, 1942, and ends on December 5, 1942 .

Anne's father claimed she rewrote her diaries in 1944.

When Anne allegedly rewrote the diaries, she used a ball point pen.

Ball point pens were not available in Europe in 1944. (The Anne Frank Diary Fraud)

The first ballpoint pens went on sale in the USA and UK in 1945 and in Europe in 1946. (Ballpoint pen)

They were available in Argentina prior to 1945, as the Biro brothers lived in Argentina. (Ballpoint pen)

The diary has an extremely high literary style, as if it was the work of a professional writer.

Brian Harring wrote The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Among the points made by Harring:

1. According to an article in the Swedish journal Frio Ord, the Anne Frank Diary could not have been the original work of the teenage Anne Frank.

The New York Supreme Court had a case concerning the diary.

The father of Anne Frank was ordered to pay $50,000 to Meyer Levin, for Levin's work on the "Anne Frank Diary."

2. This trial involving the father of Anne Frank has never been "officially reported".

3. Otto took what he claimed were Anne's letters and notes, edited them into a book, which he then gave to his secretary, Isa Cauvern. Isa Cauvern and her husband Albert Cauvern , a writer, authored the first diary.

4. American author Meyer Levin reportedly played a part in the Anne Frank saga.

Meyer Levin was an author, and journalist, who met Otto Frank 'around 1949'.

Levin wrote novels about the Holocaust.

The first, EVA (1959) was the story of a Jewish girl's experiences throughout the war and her adjustment to life after the concentration camps.

During World War II Levin worked in France as a civilian expert in the Psychological Warfare Division.

5. In 1980, Otto sued two Germans, Ernst Romer and Edgar Geiss, for distributing literature denouncing the diary as a forgery.

The German state forensic bureau, the Bundes Kriminal Amt [BKA], forensically examined the manuscript.

The results of tests, performed at the BKA laboratories, showed that 'significant' portions of the work were written with a ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available in Europe in 1944, the BKA concluded those sections must have been added subsequently.

The BKA decided that none of the diary handwriting matched known examples of Anne's handwriting.

The German magazine, Der Spiegel, published an account of this report alleging that

(a) some editing postdated 1951

(b) an earlier expert had held that all the writing in the journal was by the same hand.

(c) thus the entire diary was a postwar fake.

The BKA information, at the request of the Jewish community, was redacted at the time but later inadvertently released to researchers in the United States.

aangirfan: British, German and Belgian Genocides


At 31 May 2023 at 03:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne Frank was clearly ahead of her time. The ballpoint pen shows this to be true. A pioneering woman using the latest writing technology of the day and suddenly she becomes a fraud overnight.

Anne (a modest woman) didn't go into any meaningful detail of her high level communication skills.

What people don't know is Anne was also a pioneer of the internet too and would conduct a live stream from her Amsterdam attic (at great personal risk) every Thursday throughout the war years.

Her meticulously documented emails recently released with the Pfizer documents give an authentic and credible audit of her works.

Before long, the memory of Shakespeare may be under the microscope. Some might start questioning his authenticity too.

At 31 May 2023 at 15:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new service offered by the BBCs Ministry of Truth

At 15 November 2023 at 21:52 , Blogger said...

the original ann frank papers were subjected to deep analysis by Prof Susan Foster who said the paper used was not available in wartime and was written long after


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