Tuesday 25 April 2023

Starmer - IHRA

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Keir Starmer's "anti-semitic" witch hunts.

More than 100 Israeli and international civil society groups warn IHRA definition could curb work of UN bodies

More than 100 Israeli and international civil society organisations have asked the United Nations to reject a controversial definition of antisemitism because it is being “misused” to protect Israel from legitimate criticism.

The groups have written to the UN secretary general, António Guterres, saying he should resist pressure from Israel to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) “working definition of antisemitism”. 

The definition has been accepted by the US state department, several European governments including the UK and Germany, and EU bodies after strong lobbying by pro-Israel groups and others. Read more…

Keir Starmer’s duplicity concerning supposed antisemitism in the Labour party continues to unravel thanks to sharp-eyed critics on the left.

Earlier, one social media user pointed out that Starmer had ‘liked’ a Twitter thread exposing the scam of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ smear – a ‘sin’ that would certainly see any left-winger expelled from the party.

But another supposed crime that would inevitably be used to expel anyone from the left of the party is to query, criticise, challenge or seek to amend the so-called ‘IHRA definition’ of antisemitism – an appallingly unclear document that Jewish legal experts, including a retired judge and the long-time legal adviser to the Commission for Racial Equality among others, have said doesn’t define anything and whose author has even said it is unfit because of its effect on freedom of speech about the behaviour of the Israeli state.

These days, such facts are generally ignored by the media and by the Labour party in their eagerness to crush criticism of Israel and purge the left. But it turns out that Keir Starmer once came to the same conclusions too, as Steve Powers discovered:


At 25 April 2023 at 02:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>> Earlier, one social media user pointed out that Starmer had ‘liked’ a Twitter thread exposing the scam of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ smear ….

The orthodox position is that Keir Starmer is very intelligent — as ostensibly demonstrated by his impressive CV.

And yet?

Sadly, he presents as a very dull man, with few original thoughts of his own. Intellectually limited, even.

But some sort of ingrained tendency (talent?) for ingratiating himself to the opinion formers, power-brokers and moneymen, whose ceaseless machinations result, from time-to-time, in NWO - red rosette edition, substituting for NWO - blue rosette edition.

A blend of 1990s era Kays catalogue model and a hugely conventional and depressingly uninteresting Health and Safety Inspector.

A dependably inoffensive vehicle (most of the time, anyway) for other people’s ambitions and agendas. (Some of them mildly commendable, many of them pointless or downright frightening.)

At 25 April 2023 at 16:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

very perspicacious. Well said. 🙏


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