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The 'LGB but drop the T' movement

The gay / lesbian / bi-sexual people I know, are increasingly upset about the trans-gender movement, and want to separate from it ... tho many find it difficult to say this publicly

Tho I am a male who has only dated women, in youth a number of my girlfriends were bi-sexual / lesbian ... I felt flattered to be the odd-sort male 'exception' with whom these women were comfortable ... so I feel a bit 'linked' here. Have also learned from the charm of fashionable discreet gay men.

My gay male / lesbian / bi friends today, all of them, privately agree with the sentiments in this article, an increasingly common sentiment:

‘LGB, Drop The T -
Many In Gay Community Reject Transgender Ideology'

"The transgender movement has co-opted the gay rights movement and turned it into something unrecognizable.

"A Twitter user said separating trans-identifying people from lesbian, gay, and bisexual people is a 'necessary step'

"'Nobody wants to deal with the trans movement, it’s full of satanic, grooming, pro-body-mutilation dictators who have destroyed many lives for not playing with their delusions,' tweeted one."


There is a big difference between:

- gay / lesbian activity, which exists on a wide continuum, some people only 'experimenting' once or twice or for a short time, and then reverting to the more common hetero pattern ... something a person can do and then forget about

- versus something as terrifyingly irrevocable as genital-removing surgery

My LGB friends are horrified at adults pushing sexual change hormonal drugs, and irrevocable sex-change surgery, onto children above all, but even for adults

My LGB friends feel that children should be left to discover themselves, without adults 'pushing' anything ... onto ages too young to make irrevocable decisions

'Leave them kids alone', say my friends, like Pink Floyd.

So many, even adults, who do the trans surgery, deeply regret it ... it seems to almost never achieve what the person who does it, hopes to have happen

Transgender people have a high attempted-suicide rate, per official gov't literature:
"Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide"

Transgender people say this is due to bigotry ... but there are many subtle aspects of being male / female, both physically and otherwise, which no amount of surgery can address. Surgery is worlds away from natural 'tomboy girl' or 'femboy' traits.

We 'feel' this even if we are not conscious of the visual / voice / psychological cues. So transgenders' will continue to seem disturbingly 'unusual' to our human gender perception 'wiring'.


At 5 April 2023 at 00:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Transgender people have a high attempted-suicide rate, per official gov't literature:
"Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide".

This is true. However, only half the picture. The figure remains the same whether pre-op or post-op. Therefore, transitioning and surgery doesn't fix the elephant in the room.

If surgery was successful, following a physiological change, a marked improvement in mental health, suicides and attempted suicides should also be realised. Unfortunately, however, no such improvement is found. The figures remain the same.

Equally, the trans movement is the equality and diversity Trojan Horse. The LGB community was used as a vehicle to promote this warped ideology. Anyone opposing this dangerous cult is cancelled or demonised. Lesbians have found themselves at the 'coal face' of this mob of reprobates.

The trans mob of misogynistic mentalists are targeting Lesbians with their toxic cancel culture and have branded many in their community transphobic for having the temerity to not want to sleep with a man in a dress.

I hope the LGB community are successful in divorcing these clowns. It could be the first step that is needed to expose these extremists for what they are.


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