Sunday 16 April 2023

Ho'oponopono Song Aman Ryusuke Seto ~ Jakarta ~ Bocelli Groban ~ Dr Mandell ~ subconscious ~ Remi ~ Baybeat Streetband








At 16 April 2023 at 15:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great music in these posts

To offer a musical story, and a place to visit

Sloop John B - Bahamas

Most everyone has heard a version of the famous 'Sloop John B' song about drinking sailors and 'I want to go home' ... biggest hit was that of the Beach Boys in 1966, but new versions keep on being recorded

It is actually a century-old folk song from the Bahamas, based on a real true story. (A 'sloop' is a single-mast sailboat, which can be somewhat large with a crew.)

In earlier, more native lyrics, they sing the words 'I feel so break-up', creole-style, instead of 'I feel so broke up'

In 1935, local native Bahamas people were recorded singing this famous song a capella, just voices ... authentic and historic, 'Histe Up the John B Sail'

The story and song came from an 1800s Welsh sea captain, John Bethel - 'John B' - who settled in the Bahamas, and wound up losing a boat, perhaps because of hard-drinking local sailors

Captain John Bethel built a lovely 4-bedroom home for his wife near the water ... and rather amazingly, you can stay there in this authentic personal home of 'John B', the rental currently only at a modest $255 on an average night ... rental page with photos

Two additional, terrific versions of the song to suggest

From 1950, The Weavers, here titled 'Wreck of the John B', great voices and instruments with island rhythms ... how do such old recordings sound so good?

And from 2014, a brilliant amateur group from Philadelphia, the 'Fendertones', who do 'Sloop John B' in the Beach Boys style, but even more magnificently perhaps


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