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Harvie Proctor - Has he worked for the security services?

Anonymous -

Harvey Proctor attacks Keir Starmer over ad claiming Rishi Sunak did not want child sex abusers to go to prison

“Keir Starmer has been blasted for an ‘appalling’ Labour advert which accuses Rishi Sunak of wanting child sex attackers to avoid jail. 

"A number of Labour MPs, Tories, actors, comedians, and TV personalities condemned the social media advert as a ‘dog whistle’, ‘shameful’ and ‘vile’ …

“Ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor said: ‘This is grotesque and embarrassing’ …”

Mark Watts, the co-ordinator of the FOIA Centre and former chief investigative reporter on Sunday Business, writes:

“In his summary of [barrister Collingwood Thompson’s] submissions to the court, the judge records:

“‘… One witness says he discovered a big envelope containing Polaroid photos of boys … “including lots of kids about 11-12 years old” …

Witness 15 states that, when aged 14, he was painfully “slippered” before being made to engage in anal intercourse … The defence wish to cross-examine MR PROCTOR about each of these alleged activities …’

Thompson went on to 2015, and the Met’s search of Proctor’s home under Operation Midland. He said that the prosecution had recently disclosed to the defence the schedule of items seized in the property search …

“The judge summarised Thompson’s submissions on the list of seized items in these terms:

“‘Those items on the list about which they particularly wish to question him are (DCJ/21) a school uniform and children’s underwear (aged 13-14yrs) bloodstained, (DCJ/22) school blazer, (DCJ /23) schoolwear stained …’”

Anonymous -

Harvey Proctor’s former employer, David Granby (now David Manners), 11th Duke of Rutland is a former lover of Ghislaine Maxwell whose sons attended Stowe School where a man alleges he was sexually abused by VIPs.

David Granby/Manners, 11th Duke of Rutland, is listed in the black book of Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein.

Stowe School’s ‘headmaster’, Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner, is the son of Ghislaine’s father’s business partner.

VIP guests at Stowe School during Dr. Wallersteiner’s headship have included Jeffrey Epstein’s next-door-neighbour, Howard Lutnick, as well as Lutnick’s very close personal friend Sarah Ferguson, who was so close to Jeffrey Epstein that she’s admitted to having ‘borrowed’ money from him.

Ghislaine Maxwell at Stowe.

Stowe School alumni include business tycoon Richard Branson, who publicly endorsed Ghislaine’s allegedly fake charity, TerraMar. Branson owns a private Caribbean island neighbouring Epstein’s.

UK prosecutors moved to prosecute a former ‘headmaster’ of Stowe School for paedophilia offences.

Dr. Wallersteiner’s immediate predecessor, Jeremy Nichols, was friends with 'serial paedophile' (and friend of Prince Charles), Bishop Peter Ball.

Wallersteiner and Sarah Ferguson

Dr. Wallersteiner’s sister, Rebecca Wallersteiner, has admitted that she was previously the lover of pedophile artist Lucian Freud whose nephew, Matthew Freud, is listed in Ghislaine and Epstein’s black book.

Matthew Freud’s PR firm supported Ghislaine’s allegedly fake charity, TerraMar.

Stowe School’s other VIP guests during Dr. Wallersteiner’s headship have included Daphne Guinness, who may or may not be friends with Ghislaine, and 3 more friends of Ghislaine: Nicholas Coleridge, Alice Bamford, and Jen Halpern.

Anonymous -

Dalai Lama apologises after kissing boy and asking him to ‘suck his tongue’


At 10 April 2023 at 17:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lord Petie Mandelson, Jeffrey Epstein, Sir Jimmy Savile and Sir Keir Starmer

Richard Littlejohn asserts in the Daily Mail:

1. “… [It’s] now reported that … Peter Mandelson is back in the fold giving Starmer PR advice …”


2. Starmer reached “the giddy heights of becoming Director of Public Prosecutions — an office he distinguished by … failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile …”

In other words, Petie Mandelson — the close friend and Zionist business associate of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — is now advising Keir Starmer — the Labour Leader who failed to prosecute the worst pedophile in recent history.

Richard Littlejohn’s assertions prompt interesting questions:

- Could Mandelson have in fact been ‘advising’ Starmer since *BEFORE* Mandelson’s camp defenestrated Starmer’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn using allegations of antisemitism (clearing the way for Starmer to replace Corbyn … with Epstein’s friend Petie in tow)?

- Is it possible that Petie Mandelson’s camp has been guiding Starmer’s assent to the top of politics (either with or without Starmer’s knowledge) for a significantly *LONGER* period of time than the British public realises?

- IN WHAT YEAR did Peter Mandelson’s political ‘mentoring’ of Keir Starmer *REALLY* begin?

- Did Peter Mandelson — who knew and spent time with serial pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Edward Heath — know Jimmy Savile?

The answer to these questions could shake Britain to the core.

At 10 April 2023 at 18:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘By cheerleading Covid lockdowns, the BBC showed they are good boys’

Lord Sumption:

"’The BBC, which is probably the most influential single media organ, was consistently pro-lockdown. It was, of course, under threat to its financial model from the government and it therefore wanted to show that it was “good boys” …

“‘Within the BBC, I know for certain that there were a variety of opinions, but the one which they chose to concentrate on was that the lockdown was a great idea, that people who were sceptical were being anti-social, and there was very little to show that there was an alternative view held by responsible people …’”

At 10 April 2023 at 22:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Branson meets Zelensky

“Richard Branson with Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday … in Kyiv, where he became a new ambassador for UNITED24, Ukraine's official fundraising platform …”

“Branson also met with Zelensky in June, a few months after the invasion started on February 24 …”

At 10 April 2023 at 22:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

UNITED24 - “Ukraine's official fundraising platform”

“United24 is a Ukrainian government-run platform launched on 5 May 2022 …”

It would appear that many of United24’s ambassadors are Jewish:

1. MICHEL HAZANAVICIUS. A Jewish French film director.

2. BARBRA STREISAND. A Jewish American singer who supports Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

3. DEMNA GVASALIA. A Georgian fashion designer reportedly inspired by his Jewish grandmother.

4. LIEV SCHREIBER. A Jewish American actor.

5. ELINA SVITOLINA. A Jewish Ukrainian tennis player.

At 10 April 2023 at 22:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

6. IMAGINE DRAGONS, the rock band featuring American drummer DANIEL PLATZMAN, whose father is Jewish and who identifies as culturally Jewish.

7. TIMOTHY SNYDER. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations whose wife, Marci Shore, is a Jewish history professor. Snyder, also a historian, serves on the Committee on Conscience of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

8. BRAD PAISLEY. An American country singer married to KIMBERLY WILLIAMS-PAISLEY, who in March last year presented a book club discussion for the Jewish Family Service of Metro Detroit. The following month she hosted a ‘Virtual Evening with Kimberley Williams-Paisley’ for the Jewish Family Service’s annual Spotlight fundraising event.

9. RICHARD BRANSON. An alum of Stowe School who owned the private island neighbouring Jeffrey Epstein’s and publicly endorsed Ghislaine Maxwell’s allegedly fake charity, TerraMar.

10. BEAR GRYLLS. The British television personality was in business with former Conservative party lobbyist Derek Laud, about whom journalists Angus James and Simon Regan published unproven allegations in relation to the Dolphin Square complex and a private home in nearby Winchester Street. Bear Grylls and Derek Laud’s company was called ‘One Stop Car Shop Limited’. Bear Grylls was a non-executive director of One Stop from June 1998 to Oct 2001 and Derek Laud was on the board from April 1999 to June 2002. Bear Grylls and Derek Laud were joined on the board by LORD EDWARD SPENCER-CHURCHILL whose eldest brother, James Spencer-Churchill, the 12th Duke of Marlborough, was included by psychiatrist Dr. Joan Coleman in her published ‘RAINS List’ report. Edward and James’s late father, John Spencer-Churchill, the 11th Duke of Marlborough, hosted a dinner for pedophile Michael Jackson at Blenheim Palace with guests including Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Uri Geller. Also on the board of ‘One Stop Car Shop’ was Bear Grylls’ late father, SIR MICHAEL GRYLLS (from June 1998 to Feb 2000). Child abuse victim Ben Fellows “claimed that the late Sir Michael Grylls, father of Bear Grylls, put a hand on his knee during a meeting”. The CEO of Bear Grylls Ventures is Rupert Tate, a name found in the black book of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

At 11 April 2023 at 00:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“One of the very few things Boris Johnson said as PM which was both true and interesting was that Starmer was responsible, as Director of Public Prosecutions, for the decision not to prosecute Jimmy Savile.

“This was not merely true, it is impossible sensibly to deny. Yet the entire media and political class rallied round Starmer to attack Johnson when he said it. That was when I first realised Johnson would shortly be out and Starmer foist relentlessly upon us.”

At 11 April 2023 at 00:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The United Kingdom has reverted to 18th Century levels of corruption … A global pandemic was unashamedly utilised as a means to make vast, corrupt profits for politicians and their friends. I am taking not of millions, nor of billions, but of tens of billions of pounds in excess profits … The media scarcely mention it, opposition politicians are very strangely silent …”


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