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REVEALED The lethal truth about mass shootings: Never before has America suffered so much carnage, so quickly. Now experts tell the real reasons why… and the answers will fascinate and appall you

The shocking events that unfolded in Louisville were so much more than a tragedy for a community, or the families left devastated after the firing ended. It was a bloody milestone for America.

In the USA, the Powers-That-Be are opposed to gun control?

"Major US firearms manufacturers have significant Jewish leadership."

Jews in the Firearms Industry

In 1994 Colt's Manufacturing Company was purchased by Zilkha & Company.

Donald Zilkha, company president, is the son of Azouri Ezra Zilkha, "a scion of a Babylonian Jewish banking family."

article on Maine Antique Digest

The President and CEO of Sig Sauer is named Ron Cohen.

Kimber's owners/operators are reportedly Jewish.

Jeb Bush says the US does not need new gun laws as 'stuff happens'.

Richard Feldman (who is Jewish) is a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association.

"Holding top positions in the NRA and public advocacy groups supportive of gun owners' rights, Jewish gun backers draw on everything from the Holocaust to Israel's experience in fighting terror to justify the battle against limiting access to guns."

Jewish Gun Leaders Come Out Firing

"House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (who is Jewish) ... holds a top rating from the NRA and received ... campaign contributions ... from the gun lobby..."

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen (Jewish) owns a .38 Special and has a license allowing him to carry a concealed weapon, but he does not go around with the gun.

Former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (Jewish), who retired from the House of Representatives after sustaining severe gunshots injuries during an assassination attempt, was also a gun owner.

"Alan Gottlieb (Jewish), one of America's most vocal supporters of gun rights says: 'The truth is that there are quite a lot of Jewish activists in the gun-rights movement.'

Jewish Gun Leaders Come Out Firing

Leading Jewish voices on behalf of gun owners include Sandy Froman, an Arizona attorney who served as the NRA's president from 2005 to 2007, and Alan Gura, an Israeli-born attorney. 

Gura has led some of the gun rights lobby's courtroom successes.

Brian Judy (Jewish), a National Rifle Association lobbyist, has reportedly linked gun control to the Holocaust.

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin has urged Europe to allow special permits for Jewish people to carry guns.

He says Jews should be allowed to carry firearms for self-defense 'amid rising anti-Semitism.'

Allow Jews To Carry Guns, Rabbi Asks.

An Israeli and a boy.



At 16 April 2023 at 08:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shouldn’t think wealthy elites give issues around guns (the fear of gun crimes, and the counterbalancing fear of gun confiscation, violent crime & government tyranny) much thought one way or the other — EXCEPT, that is, to figure out ways of PROFITING financially and/or politically from either or both camps. The gun rights ‘market’ and the opposing gun control ‘market’ (to cast this in commercial terms).

After all, regardless of the distorted impression generated by hysterical media, the POOR (who are disproportionately ***not white***), are FAR more likely than the middle class to be killed or injured by a gun or any other kind of violence.

And the rich, be they Jewish or otherwise, are even *less* likely than even the white middle class to be impacted by serious crime and deadly violence.

Who in Manhattan, Aspen, Vail, the Hamptons, Newport Beach, realistically needs to care about guns and violent crime… EXCEPT as a lucrative commercial proposition?

The rich elite generally don’t live in those neighbourhoods where most gun crime occurs.

The police serving wealthy communities are *not* the same anxious, low-salary, trigger-happy, cops patrolling inner cities, poor rural counties, and impoverished post-industrial towns beset by drugs and unemployment.

And the darling offspring of the rich simply aren’t (for the most part) enrolled at the most dangerous schools where most gang, knife & gun violence occurs. They are privately educated, or educated in rich suburban schools that practice invisible socioeconomic selection by zip code.

The elite have *neither* a political-cultural/social affinity for guns, *nor* an innate desire to curtail their availability.

Instead, they know there’s plenty of money and/or political capital to be made by *faking* a ‘principled’ position on either side and ruthlessly ‘merching’ that stance for gain.

When it ‘pays’ to be ‘pro second amendment’ and liberty — they’ll be that.

When it ‘pays’ to be ‘pro child safety and gun control’ .— they’ll be that instead.

Better still, they like to be both things, to the different markets. All things to all men & women, in different places at different times.

And generate fear and hostility and social division when that pays.

Of course, it generally pays (financially, politically) to invest in *both* sides of ANY ‘war’ — be it a hot war, a cold war, a political contest, or, (as in this case) a manufactured ‘culture war’.

At 16 April 2023 at 09:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PTB are likewise pro AND anti ‘Big Tobacco’ (in different markets, at different times, in different contexts, according to the commercial possibilities).

Pro AND anti ‘Junk Food’ (again, in different markets, at different times, in different contexts, according to the commercial possibilities).

Pro AND ‘Big Oil & Gas’, including the switch to electric vehicles, etc (once again in different markets, at different times, in different contexts, according to the commercial possibilities).

And so on, and so on.

US, EU, Russia, or Ukraine, or China? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Biden or Trump in 2024? Yes to both — and yes to the opposition to both.


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