Thursday 9 March 2023

Rev Lindsey Williams


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Amen to the remarks above.

We are supposedly amidst a huge energy crisis impoverishing the world ... but a great voice exposed this as apparently a hoax by elites seeking to harm us.

Was just recalling the notable Lindsey Williams who, it turns out, passed away a few weeks ago in January.

Starting in the 1970s, Rev Lindsey Williams was a chaplain to workers in Alaska oil fields, a man whose sincerity was very difficult to question.

Providing counseling and friendly religious services open to all, Williams became much prized by oil executives, for how he helped workers in harsh remote regions, maintain good morale and mental health.

Given access to all oil operations under his employers, Lindsey Williams learned what he said was a shocking truth, and then began telling it -

Rev Williams persuasively said there is actually plenty of oil and energy in the ground, quite easy to access, but that global elites are hiding this, and oil company employees who know this are silenced. The USA has enough oil in Alaska, to last for the next century, he said.

And just now in the news, we read of Joe Biden cancelling an Alaska oil project, when the world is said to be starved for energy

Lindsey Williams speaking in videos can still be seen on a YouTube channel:

In memoriam, Pastor Lindsey Williams (1936-2023)



At 9 March 2023 at 06:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The husband of the U.K. Home Secretary accused of using language reminiscent of the Nazis is Rael Braverman, described as a “very proud member of the Jewish community".

Mr Braverman is employed as a manager for a company that is, well, ‘infamous’, in the Jewish community.


“…[The] great automobile and arms maker prospered on the backs of its workers, including the use of thousands of concentration camp slave laborers right up to the final days of the Third Reich …

“‘Leading managers of Daimler-Benz lent valuable assistance to the National Socialists before Hitler became Chancellor in 1933,’ [historian Bernard P. Bellon writes]. ‘The corporation even claimed that it was responsible for “helping to motorize the movement.”’

“One way the company aided Hitler's party was to take out large advertisements as early as 1931 in the Nazi newspaper, the Volkischer Beobachter ... The author believes that the ads may have been part of a quid pro quo arrangement under which Daimler-Benz cars were given or lent to Hitler and his party's officials.

“The three-pointed Mercedes emblem and the Nazi swastika were paired in the eyes of the German volk, according to the evidence in the book. '’The company itself was a personal favorite of the Fuhrer, who generally rode in Mercedes cars, as did the rest of his entourage,’ Mr. Bellon says.

“Jakob Werlin, an associate director of the company, was a personal friend of Hitler … When Hitler left the Landsberg penitentiary in 1924 … Werlin picked him up at the prison gates. According to American intelligence documents … Hitler held a portfolio of Daimler-Benz stocks, which Werlin personally administered for him …

“Top management at Daimler-Benz welcomed the military buildup under National Socialism; the company became the leading armaments maker in Nazi Germany …

“Daimler-Benz used Jewish women from the concentration camps at Ravensbruck and Sachsenhausen as worker-slaves …”

At 9 March 2023 at 07:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Home Secretary Suella Braverman enjoys great power, privilege and domestic luxuries, consistent with her place in the top economic tier, thanks to her ruthless ‘weaponising’ of the topics of asylum seekers and immigration, her significant leveraging of her Jewish connections, and fat monthly paycheques from Hitler’s favourite car company?


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