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Peter Bottomley 

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Peter Bottomley calls for abortions to be made easier

“Given there are now over 200,000 abortions each year…we ought to make it easier” says Peter Bottomley MP

Sir Peter Bottomley has strenuously denied that he ever used the Elm Guest House child brothel in Barnes, south London, where the likes of Leon Brittan reportedly raped young boys.

In 2003, the NSPCC established the ‘Stop Organised Abuse Appeal Board’. Peter’s wife, the former health secretary Virginia Bottomley, served on it, alongside Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, alleged ritual abuser Sir David Frost (who was also listed in the Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein), and Lord Michael Grade, among others.

Nowadays, Lord Grade — who admits that he heard child abuse "rumours" about Jimmy Savile as Controller of BBC1 — campaigns with Harvey Proctor, Cliff Richard, Daniel Janner, Stephen Fry, Paul Gambaccini, and Christine and Neil Hamilton, at Daniel Janner’s pressure group: ‘Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform’, or F.A.I.R.

In 2013, an intriguing joint ceremony was staged in Hull for Virginia Bottomley and Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and business associate, Peter Mandelson.

At the joint ceremony, Virginia Bottomley was appointed to the rejuvenated role of Sheriff of Hull, while Lord Mandelson was appointed to the newly resurrected post of High Steward of Hull.

Virginia Bottomley and Mandelson — both of whom were friendly with alleged ritual abuser Sir Edward Heath, to which extant historical photographs attest — were photographed side-by-side beaming for the camera.

Surrey based psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman published records stating that Virginia Bottomley had been reported to her as a member of a network of VIPs practicing ritual sexual abusers operating on England’s South Coast. No additional evidence to corroborate the allegation was provided by Dr Coleman. Therefore, in the absence of corroborating evidence, much less formal charges or a criminal conviction, the implication that Virginia Bottomley was involved in a ritual sexual abuse network with Edward Heath and others should be regarded as false.

Virginia Bottomley and her husband Peter Bottomley enjoy the presumption of innocence, and may be the victims of fantasists with axes to grind.

Virginia Bottomley, Edward Heath and Peter Mandelson have all been linked to incidents at the former Priory Bay hotel on the Isle of Wight.

This is also uncorroborated, and it has never been proven that either Bottomley or Mandelson took part in any abuse with, or enabled, the late prime minister, despite being close to him.

Ultimately, there may be nothing untoward about the fact that Sir Peter Bottomley MP reportedly wishes to make abortions easier, since millions of people hold the same or a similar view out of heartfelt and genuine concern for the welfare of vulnerable girls and young women.


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