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The Orthodox Jewish communities of New York and New Jersey convened a Rabbinical court in November 2021 to make their own assessments of the Covid vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone: “I recommend reading their conclusions, which have withstood the test of time and *remain as valid today as they were then*”

Decision of the Rabbinical Court

“We the undersigned convened together to render judgement regarding the [Covid 19 shot] … and we heard testimonies from experts whose expertise is in this field. We also heard from doctors who invented and manufactured the mRNA, who testified as to its function … They illustrated to us the profound danger and harm inherent in this new technology.

“They showed us how the governmental agencies and the pharmaceutical companies … conceal the data, making it so difficult for the public to realize the severe adverse reactions and mortalities that have befallen so many people who received the injection …

“We also heard testimonies from our fellow Jews who suffered injuries … and also how this injection is harmful to procreation and fertility …

“The evidence presented … provides a level of concern that exceeds Halachic standards … Therefore, we hereby express our rabbinic decision …

“1) It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to administer or even to promote this injection to children, adolescents, young men or women …

“2) Much harm appears to be caused to pregnant women as a result of the injection … As such, it is FORBIDDEN for them to take this injection. 

"Included in this are all healthy adults who are of child‐bearing age – they too should stay away from the said injection …

“3) … [We] have witnessed many [older adults and elderly citizens] who passed away shortly after receiving the mRNA. Therefore – it is best [for an older or elderly adult] to err on the side of caution and ABSTAIN from taking the injection, rather than endangering one's life by performing an action that can engender immediate and direct harm …

“4) We have heard testimonies … from experts in the medical field, suggesting that it may be dangerous for pregnant women to be around people who have had the injection. This can be due to a phenomenon called ‘shedding’ … Hence, it is best to err on the side of caution – a minimum recommendation of distancing oneself from a pregnant woman for at least two weeks after receiving the injection is strongly suggested …

“In all the above, we only taken into account the tragedies that have already befallen our community members – not long term effects, premonitions and frightening forecasts expressed in many of the testimonies we heard …”


At 19 March 2023 at 16:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re "Robert Malone"

Malone is controlled opposition .. read & & & & Malone has been serving the criminal medical establishment for decades promoting their toxic agendas. Now, suddenly, he SELFISHLY presents HIMSELF as a "victim" of those ruling "bad guys" and wants you to believe he's a saint, and on your side.

"All experts serve the state and the media and only in that way do they achieve their status. Every expert follows his master, for all former possibilities for independence have been gradually reduced to nil by present society’s mode of organization. The most useful expert, of course, is the one who can lie. With their different motives, those who need experts are falsifiers and fools. Whenever individuals lose the capacity to see things for themselves, the expert is there to offer an absolute reassurance." -Guy Debord

In one of this "expert" articles ("Groupthink: we are all victims") his public misdirection is evident in the title. His dissemination of the lie of the public as "innocent victims" appeals of course to the public and their general dishonesty but it is a complete distortion of reality:

Who do you think murders and maims a massive amount of people with toxic Covid shots (mindless immoral NON-innocent doctors and nurses)?

Who trusts, follows, obeys, votes for, and does the dirty work for the governing authorities (mindless immoral NON-innocent people)?


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