Wednesday 1 March 2023

MISTAKES? ‘The worst public health mistakes in history’

Unknown -

‘The worst public health mistakes in history’

(Mistakes or deliberate?)

“The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on Tuesday presented the testimony of four public health experts, including Martin Kulldorff PhD, who described the government’s response as the ‘worst public health mistakes in history’ … [He further] described ‘sending sick people to nursing homes’ as ‘criminal’ …”

“[Marty Makary MD] said ‘public health officials have made many tragic mistakes during the pandemic,’ including:

“‘Ignoring natural immunity … closing schools, masking toddlers … pushing boosters for young people, bypassing FDA expert panel customary votes that we’ve been using for decades …’

“‘The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government’ when it claimed ‘vaccinated immunity was far greater than natural immunity’ and that ‘masks were effective.’

“[He] … pointed out that myocarditis is ‘four to 28 times more common after the vaccine’ but that the government has said ‘young people benefit from a booster’ ..

“‘CDC and the FDA and people at the NIH made up their mind before the trials were completed,’ said Makary. ‘They decided babies were going to get vaccines before the study was done. And then [they] found no statistically significant difference in efficacy between the two groups and they just authorized it anyway’ …

“[Jay Bhattacharya MD] said ‘On what empirical basis were schools closed? Did public health decision-makers consider the harms of their policies as thoroughly as their putative benefits? Why did authorities ignore recovered immunity or failure of the vaccine to prevent disease transmission?’ …

“‘Public health bureaucrats operated more like dictators than scientists during the pandemic, sealing themselves off from credible outside criticism’ …

“[He] described the policies as a ‘widespread violation of civil liberties’ … [He also] questioned why ‘public health authorities ignore[d] clear scientific data that Covid infection [and] acquired immunity is as strong or stronger than vaccine-acquired immunity’ …


At 2 March 2023 at 02:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Perhaps it's time to give credit where its due. The Governments, Media, Corporations, Medical, Police and Military are a masterclass in inter-agency working.

Together, tbey lrived what an efficient, well funded, highly organised and technically brilliant entity are able to achieve.

Clownworld clapping for their killers, lining up to he euthanized. Hiding in their homes because they were told to and believing any old tripe likewise.

Not a single mistake made at this stage. I am personally tired of hearing about "mistakes".

For the record, nobody leading the well-oiled machine has gotten anything wrong this far. The only 'mistakes' I've ever seen is Clownworld destroying itself and blaming everyone else.

Let's congratulate the Satanic Matrix for getting us this far. A shallow victory in the playbook of time. The events unfolding at the present are eschatological. Srudy the past to see the future.

As for mistakes, yeah right.


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