Thursday 30 March 2023

Haaretz Top News

Haaretz Top News

The Influential Rabbi Who Wants to Turn Israel Into an Iran-style Fundamentalist State

Biden No Longer Buys Netanyahu’s Lies, and Israel Will Pay the Price
Alon Pinkas | 30.03.2023

To Understand the Settler Mindset, Read This Eulogy
Avi Garfinkel / Opinion | 30.03.2023

Bullied and Battered, Netanyahu's Likud Loyalists Lick Their Wounds
Ravit Hecht | 30.03.2023

Judicial Overhaul Delay Proves Netanyahu Has Lost Touch
Anshel Pfeffer | 30.03.2023

Sara Netanyahu's Niece, Prof. Ben-Artzi, Speaks Out: 'My Relatives Are Promoting Fascism'
Netta Ahituv | 30.03.2023

'Time to Flood the Streets' || How Israel’s Historic Night of Protests Came to Be
Amir Tibon | 30.03.2023


At 30 March 2023 at 06:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

State pension age rise to 68 will not be brought forward yet

“Those born on or after 5 April 1977 will be the first cohort to work to 68, under current plans …

“A recent report found life expectancy for retiring Britons is now two years lower than [in 2017] … The main argument for accelerating a rise in the state pension age has always been that people are living for longer …”

The U.K. government is *terrified* that raising the state pension age at this precise moment would give rise to events akin to those happening in France.

But make no mistake, very soon after the next general election an announcement will come from Labour or the Conservatives (it matters not a jot which party is ‘elected’) that the retirement age for a state pension ‘must’ rise to 68.

Followed not long thereafter by another announcement pushing it back again to 70 or later.

Followed not long thereafter by … (Well, picture the weary old workhorse chasing the carrot dangled on a stick tantalisingly before its face, never to be attained this side of heaven).

Work ‘till you drop — or you’re selected to receive the next ‘vaccination’.

At 30 March 2023 at 07:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phillip Schofield won't return to This Morning for weeks



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