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Barack Obama seen jetting off from LA on Ashton Kutcher's private jet

“Ashton Kutcher ‘practices Kabbalah, and has visited Israel and studied the Torah; his wife Mila Kunis stated that he "taught [me] everything I never knew’ about her religion, Judaism …

“On trips to Israel, Kutcher visited Kabbalah centers in Tel Aviv and in Tsfat. In 2013, Kutcher remarked, ‘Israel is near and dear to my heart’…”

Kutcher is the co-founder of Thorn (originally called the DNA Foundation), an organisation that develops software to locate victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

Continuing his work to protect kids at risk from sex trafficking, Kutcher is a Member of the Human Trafficking Advisory Council at the McCain Institute.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a Trustee of the McCain Institute; her late husband, Sir Evelyn, was chairman of the Institute’s Kissinger Fellowship.


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How Ashton Kutcher lobbies the EU for more surveillance

“To EU institutions, Thorn presents itself as a charity organization … Meanwhile, the organization repeatedly brought up its proprietary child abuse tracking software in meetings with EU officials …

“… [The] organisation has drawn on Kutcher’s star power to snag high-level meetings. Evidence of this can be found in a video meeting between Kutcher and [Ursula] Von der Leyen, which the Commission chief posted on Twitter in November 2020.

“At the time, Thorn advocated for a proposal by the EU Commission that became law at record speed … In it, the EU allowed platforms like Facebook to voluntarily scan private messages for suspected child abuse. To do this, the EU created an exception in its data protection rules … This has since given platforms such as Facebook the legal leeway to do on a voluntary basis what could soon become mandatory: screening private messages.

“Kutcher personally lobbied for this regulation … Thorn has continued its lobbying campaign ever since … aggressively [marketing] its software in other meetings with officials … If Thorn’s software finds favour with the EU authorities, it could soon be widely used.

“For [Thorn], that could mean high revenues …

“Ashton Kutcher and his organizations would then also have influence on the privacy of millions of Europeans.”


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